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Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Moon Rocks

by Linda Brooks, Sponsored Post


When it comes to marijuana, the term ‘moon rocks’ doesn’t refer to rocks collected from the moon.

(Unfortunately, humans have not yet gotten to experience the awesome wonder of marijuana grown in true lunar soil. But hey—we’re holding out hope that it’ll happen sometime relatively soon!)

The term refers to a specific type of cannabis product that’s created for novelty, powerful highs, and recreational use. Some people even use them medicinally—but we’ll cover that in a minute.

Buckle up. This topic may blow your mind a little bit!

Let’s define the term, unpack it, and get into the ‘nitty gritty’ detail of exactly what a moon rock is, what it’s used for, and how it may best serve you as a cannabis user. The packaging and storing of cannabis is an extremely important consideration to make before moving forward.

Making sure that the product is securely and safely stored and transported is essential, as it can go a long way towards preservation of potency, flavor, and aroma. Glass concentrate containers should always be on the radar. Not only do glass concentrate containers prevent metals from coming into contact with the product, but they also offer something closer to a hermetic seal which is essential for maintaining freshness.

Let’s dive into it.

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What Is A Cannabis Moon Rock?

Cannabis moon rocks are cured buds of cannabis flower that have been dipped in concentrate (usually distillate) and then rolled in kief.

If that description just blew your mind all on its own, you’re not alone. And yes—as you can imagine, moon rocks hit you pretty hard with a high THC level when you smoke them!

In fact, depending on exactly which products were used to create your moon rock, you can expect anywhere from 50% to 80% THC strength—and that’s certainly nothing to scoff at.

What Are Moon Rocks Good For?

Here’s the thing about moon rocks. They’re really strong. And since they’re created to be ‘combusted,’ they also tend to be a bit on the strong and/or harsh side of the ‘flavor’ spectrum.

They don’t always taste altogether ‘pleasant.’

But there’s one thing that they are good for.

Giving you a much stronger high.

And thus, why experienced cannabis users tend to like them.

Even if you’ve built up a pretty hefty THC tolerance, cracking open a moon rock, dropping a bit of it into your bowl (along with some other weed so that it hits a bit gentler and tastes better), and sparking it up will most likely take you to an entirely new level.

Simply put—it’s awesome.

With that being said—if you’re a weed-smoking newbie, you may want to proceed with caution.

This type of product isn’t to be taken lightly if you’re not trying to fly to outer space and visit with the aliens.

Can You Use Cannabis Moon Rocks Medicinally?

Some people love moon rocks on the medicinal side of things.

But here’s the problem.

Moon rocks are almost just too strong to justify for ‘light medicinal weed enthusiasts.’

They’re almost more of a novelty item—something to pull out at a party or for a special occasion to freak out your friends and do something new.

Or, they’re for special occasions where you want to get extra blitzed—and desire to do it in true old-fashioned pot-head style.

So, in summary—yes, you can use them for medicinal cannabis.

But the question bears asking—is it really necessary?

It might be a little bit like driving your Formula 1 racecar to the grocery store to pick up the groceries.

Could you do it? Yes.

Would it be overkill? Maybe.

Can You Make Your Own Cannabis Moon Rocks?

Absolutely. This tends to save you a bit of cash—but it’ll also give you more flexibility to make them like you like them.

For example—you may not be a huge fan of the types of nugs used in typical moon rocks, so you might want to either source your own (from a strain you enjoy) or even crumble up a bunch of loose flowers and ‘stick’ it together with a bit of concentrate.

The world is your oyster when you’re crafting your moon rocks! So don’t be afraid to experiment.


Now you know everything you need to know about cannabis moon rocks, how they work, how they’re used, and even some useful tips for how to enjoy them. Now, all that’s left is to get out there and give it the old-fashioned college try!

If you’ve never experienced this ‘novelty’ of the cannabis world before, it may be high time you tried it.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll become a true ‘moon rock believer’ after giving it a test run.


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