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How to Become a Priority in His Life


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No matter where you are in your relationship, there comes a time where one will feel like the other is taking them for granted, and ultimately, you will start to feel like you are putting in all of the efforts without receiving anything in return. Of course, it’s not because they don’t love you, it’s that they just have not been making you the priority.

First, let me tell you that this feeling is completely normal. It’s completely normal to feel like everything else in life will start to take priority over you. Sometimes this is true, other times it’s not the case. But if you’ve ever felt that things were great when you were together and then all of a sudden fell apart when you weren’t, or have ever just felt like things could be just a little bit better (he could be spending just a little bit more time with you, or he could be talking just a little bit more about you), then chances are they could be. If you’re stuck with the feeling that you’ve become less of a priority in his life and are wanting to figure out how to become that priority, then stick around because these four rules will help get you there.

Keep your mindset open, or at least act like it is.

It doesn’t matter if a guy hasn’t committed yet or if you are currently in a relationship with them, a man will pick up on the sense that you are a step away from walking away. When this happens, he will likely step up and do a bit more work. Now, this isn’t meant to be used as an ultimatum or dangled in front of him in a narcissistic way, it’s supposed to be used as a tactic to increase the attraction between you two. So, if the feeling that you are taking second best in his life seeps in, then have the mindset that you are not going to settle for anything less than the absolute best.

Avoid putting a man first and bending over backward to please him, all it does is teach him that he can get away with poor behavior.

No, this doesn’t mean to become a complete dictator in your relationship. It just means that you need to develop a backbone to his shenanigans. If you’re willing to jump through hoops to cook for him, be great in bed, and keep him from straying, there’s no motivation for him to work that hard or put you first. When he knows that he is going to get those things anyway, he doesn’t see the need in putting that same effort into pleasing you back. Remember, you want to keep him coming back for more – even if you two are married.

Support him and tap into what he needs from the relationship.

When you use this method, try not to tap into the mindset that you need to give him the seal of approval for everything. If you’ve never heard of the Five Love Language series, then you need to migrate over and read what it has to offer because every person receives and gives love differently. Try taking the time to get to know your partner and what he needs from the relationship for it to work for him. When you can energize a man and make him feel alive and ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead, that is when he starts to see you as the most important woman in his life. He begins to appreciate you and treasure you.

Inspire him to reach his dreams.

A lot of women pull back at this suggestion and start complaining without seeing the deeper benefits to it. You may already feel like you are putting in all the effort into the relationship, so why should you have to do it anymore? When is it your turn to be treated well and prioritized? The real answer is that you have an amount of energy that you are already putting into the relationship. However, you are placing it on the wrong things and focusing on parts of the relationship that are not so significant. When you start getting to a man’s core and fulfilling his deepest needs, you aren’t doing any extra work.

It’s true when a man can see this amazing quality that you bring to his life, he will place you at the top of his priorities and never let you go.

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