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How to Dress When You're Feeling Bloated: LUEQ's Wardrobe Essentials

by Samara Morris

We all need it, we all want it—to look and feel our best, that is. So, how can you achieve this when you’re up against science?

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Bloating happens before, during, and for some, after your period. Although this condition is temporary, it can feel like forever; your belly feels full and tight, and adding a good meal to the equation may make spectators assume you’re pregnant.

Women go through so much, but the one thing we can control is the fabric that graces our bodies. Even when we're not in the mood, many of us have to force ourselves out of the funk, do our hair, makeup, and put together an outfit from articles of clothing that doesn’t add to our discomfort.

Although bloating doesn’t always mean you’re in pain, for some women, it does, and it’s usually best to consider taking some over-the-counter medicine to help with the pain and bloating. One thing I’ve tried recently that has worked like a charm is the Activated Charcoal Vegan Capsules – 1,200mg.

On the days when I feel the most bloated, I can take two of these with a nice breakfast and feel relief within as little as two hours. But relief does not mean that the fatigue is cured or that I am instantly back in the mood to be serving looks like the fashionista I am—oh no. So, for that, I call on some fashion finds that I have designated for that time of the month.

As women, we can make it all look so easy because there’s always a method to the madness—those moments when we realize that we have to make things work for our sanity. Period panties, loosely fitted clothing such as “A-line dresses, tunics, or oversized tops. These styles can help conceal bloating and provide comfort,” suggests Fashion Designer and Author Kadeem Alphanso Fyffe. “You should avoid tight-fitting clothes, as they can accentuate bloating and make you feel more self-conscious—the key is to make yourself feel confident.”

During this time, it’s best to tap into your minimalist wardrobe—those neutral colors can do wonders. I like to call it "The Kanye." Black, beige, brown, and forest green are all colors that will undoubtedly help you during this time, but colors are just one aspect. Layering plays a significant role as well.

Image Credit: Alo Ceballos \ Getty Images

Peter Martinez, a Fashion Designer and Stylist, tells us, “Layering can be a great strategy when dealing with bloating. A lightweight cardigan, open-front kimono, or a draped jacket can add style to your outfit while also providing a bit of coverage and distraction from the midsection. Remember, the key is to balance comfort with personal style. Clothing that makes you feel good and allows for some flexibility is ideal for days when bloating is an issue.”

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed this strange shift to crop tops and tank tops, which is due in part to their rise in popularity—the Jenner effect. But for the average woman who is not 120 pounds and who experiences bloating regularly, this isn’t the type of clothing that screams comfortability.

Whatever happened to slim-fit t-shirts that don’t cost $325 to obtain? Fashion experts believe that since the shift into the valley girl look, many brands have taken this time to raise the price of their t-shirts for women since it’s not as popular among the younger generation.

Image Credit: Valentina Frugiuele \ Getty Images

Places like H&M have turned their basic women’s t-shirts into nightgowns, apparently. Our regular go-to fashion retailers, such as Forever 21 and Zara, have invested heavily in blouses, bodysuits, asymmetrical tops, graphic tees, tube tops, and bralettes, leaving us millennial fashion girls to sink or swim. Well, I did some digging, and it turns out I swam my way right to a fantastic clothing brand while traveling with family over the summer.

The LUEQ\. (pronounced Look) was founded in 2006 by Edmond Blanc, a French Fashion Designer, and Quent Dumas, a French Businessman and Fashion Advisor. The pair opened their first brick-and-mortar store in Lyons, France, where LUEQ\. was born. The store sells unique fashion pieces made from wool and cashmere in their ladies’ collection to nylon and spandex for their athleisure basics.

The basics are where I found the best minimalist wardrobe essentials—polos, button-down shirts, v-neck shirts, jumpsuits, shapewear dresses, tennis dresses, and t-shirts, to name a few. The prices range from $45 to $405, making it perfect for any budget. Like most Parisians, the focus is on quality, not quantity, and now with their e-commerce store launching in just a few short weeks, we can find pieces that will be perfect for those days when we aren’t feeling sexy but want to remain stylish, draped in luxury.

Plus, their 'Save the Planet, Save Money' campaign launches on January 1, 2024. Customers who return their LUEQ\. clothing bags in good condition—no tears, zippers intact—the brand will reuse them for their next order.

By doing so, customers not only contribute to reducing waste but also enjoy the perks of saving money on new products. Select restaurants in Chelsea, NYC will be partnering with the brand on this endeavor to serve as drop-off locations.

According to Grace from Dress Rental, “In some instances, you can wear tighter or more fitted fabrics, but the top half has to be designed well and made from good quality thick fabric with stretch to support your body. Thin fabrics such as cotton and Jersey knits are generally not a good idea.”

The last thing you want to do when you’re feeling bloated is wear clothes that draw attention to your upper body. Consider another earth-tone color such as coffee, and remember to layer it on. “Layers aren’t just for cakes. Adding a great sweater vest over a crisp white button-up will ensure that you look chic no matter what. Pairing this with a pair of skinnies with some stretch will look great and polished," Adair Reese, owner of Shop the Bricks, shares.

Overall, when you’re looking for ways to dress when you’re bloated, you want to take into consideration fabric and colors and focus on quality products (good stitching) that aren’t cheap and won’t make you look like you feel.


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