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Kandi Burruss Shares Her Stance on Joining Bethenny Frankel's Battle Against Bravo and NBC

by Riley Cook

Opting for direct communication over public confrontation, Kandi Burruss has made it clear that she won't be aligning herself with Bethenny Frankel's call for reality stars to participate in the ongoing battles against Bravo and NBC. Burruss, a mainstay on "Real Housewives of Atlanta," emphasized her preference for addressing issues in real time rather than waiting and resorting to public outcry.

Image Credit: Mike Coppola / Staff / Getty Images

Burruss's standpoint is rooted in her belief that confronting issues as they arise is the most effective approach. She firmly stated that she would not follow the path of calling for action after the fact. Instead, she advocates for directly reaching out to the network and addressing concerns promptly, avoiding the need for a collective outcry at a later stage.

Frankel, a former cast member of "Real Housewives of New York City," ignited the call to arms in July, urging reality stars to join the ongoing strike efforts. Her message emphasized the financial inequities faced by reality TV personalities, who generate substantial advertising revenue and online engagement but receive minimal residuals in return.

Recently, a group of reality stars submitted a legal letter to NBCUniversal, expressing their concerns about alleged mistreatment and the use of "revenge porn." Frankel, who has retained legal representation for this cause, and her legal team also asserted that NBC and Bravo had concealed instances of "sexual violence."

In response to these claims, NBCUniversal asserted its commitment to maintaining a safe and respectful workplace for cast and crew on their reality shows. The company highlighted the requirement for third-party production partners to have appropriate workplace policies and training in place. They also noted their readiness to investigate and take timely and appropriate action if any complaints arise.

Frankel's efforts to rally a significant number of individuals to her cause appear to be gaining traction. Sources suggest that numerous individuals, both men and women, are interested in joining this movement. Estimates indicate that around 80 individuals have expressed their willingness to participate. This initiative seems to be drawing interest primarily from former "Housewife" cast members, aligning with Frankel's status and influence within the reality TV realm.

While the legal letter's contents indicate concerns about working conditions and treatment, with claims of alcohol consumption and inadequate food provision, sources from within Bravo acknowledge Frankel's efforts to gather support for her cause. The sources suggest that her followers, largely composed of former "Housewife" cast members, are being drawn into this movement.

In the end, the differing approaches taken by Kandi Burruss and Bethenny Frankel highlight the complexity of navigating issues within the world of reality TV. Burruss's emphasis on direct communication underscores the significance of addressing concerns in real time, while Frankel's collective call aims to address systemic inequalities in the industry. As these discussions continue, they shed light on the evolving dynamics of reality TV and the efforts to improve conditions for those within it.


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