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Kim Zolciak Auctions Daughter Brielle's Designer Goods

by Kyla Cruz

Kim Zolciak, former star of "Real Housewives of Atlanta," has found herself in a financial bind and is taking unconventional measures to alleviate her woes. On Tuesday, the reality star, who boasts a substantial Instagram following of 3.4 million, decided to sell her daughter Brielle's designer goods on the platform, with some items priced as high as $10,000.

The inventory included a "Barbie-like" Chanel purse with a hot pink outline, listed for $5,500. Additionally, she advertised a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes for $500, a limited edition bag for $10,000, a Chanel purse for $7,000, and a pair of out-of-the-box Prada boots for $700. Zolciak humorously mentioned that she was cleaning out her daughter's closet without full authorization. Interested buyers could pay through Zelle or Cash App.

Interestingly, Kim Zolciak also used this platform to promote her own items, including $650 Louis Vuitton boots, only worn once, brand new $750 Gucci shoes, $450 Alexander Wang boots, and $250 Valentino slides. Apart from the shoes, she also listed a $1,875 Louis Vuitton bag in "perfect condition" and a $750 Chanel wallet for sale.

This venture into selling designer goods comes after her husband, Kroy Biermann, accused her of having a gambling problem, which he claimed resulted in their family facing financial devastation. In May, during a messy divorce battle that was later called off on July 7, the NFL athlete requested a psychological evaluation for Zolciak due to her uncontrolled "compulsions" to gamble online. He alleged that she spent a significant amount of time and marital funds on gambling and games of chance, making her unable to care for their four minor children. Biermann also adopted Zolciak's two daughters from her previous relationship.

Zolciak refuted her husband's accusations, countering with accusations of mental abuse. However, the couple's financial troubles extend beyond the alleged gambling issues. According to TMZ reports in May, they owe over $1.1 million to the IRS and an additional $15,000 for unpaid taxes to the state of Georgia. Moreover, earlier this year, their multi-million-dollar property in Georgia faced foreclosure due to a $1.65 million loan default.

Despite the public notice of foreclosure, Zolciak publicly denied her home's financial struggles, asserting that she will stay as long as she desires. While the situation seems tense, the couple managed to regain their property before the auction.

Kim Zolciak's approach to selling luxury items on social media may raise eyebrows, but it reflects her willingness to tackle financial challenges head-on. As her Instagram followers watch the saga unfold, only time will tell how she navigates her way out of these financial difficulties and what other strategies she might employ.


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