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Kylie Jenner Faces Backlash and Deletes Instagram Post Supporting Israel

by Venus Sanders

Kylie Jenner faced criticism after briefly posting and then removing an Instagram photo expressing support for Israel. The controversial post featured the Israeli flag and a message from the pro-Israel account @StandWithUs: "Now and always, we stand with the people of Israel!"

Image Credit: Peter White / Contributor / Getty Images

The youngest member of the Jenner family deleted the Instagram Story within an hour due to backlash from some of her 400 million followers. Comments on her posts expressed sentiments against her perceived support for Israel, with some users emphasizing the suffering in Palestine and others questioning her stance.

Notably, Jenner's post also drew criticism on other social media platforms, including X (formerly Twitter), where irate fans voiced their outrage. Some criticized Jenner for posting about Israel without sufficient knowledge or care, suggesting she did it merely for attention. Speculation arose that the post might have strained her friendship with supermodel Bella Hadid, a well-known supporter of Palestinian rights. Hadid's father, Mohamed, is of Palestinian descent.

The controversy emerged amidst escalating tensions in the region, as Hamas militants launched a significant attack on Israeli towns near the Gaza Strip, marking one of the worst attacks on Israel in decades. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the country was at war, vowing that the enemy would face an unprecedented price.

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