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Q&A: Gina Cloud, Teaching Women How to Strip Down to Their Bare, Authentic Essence

An Exclusive Interview by Stephanie E.

We are thrilled to present an exclusive interview with the multifaceted Gina Cloud, a woman of remarkable accomplishments. As an author, creator of the GinaCology Revolution, inspirational speaker, talk show host, natural beauty expert, and women's health advocate, Gina offers empowering pathways for women to rediscover their authentic selves.

Through her passion and expertise, she invites women to embark on a transformative journey from the inside out, fostering a profound reconnection with their inner essence and outer beauty. Join us as Gina shares her insights and wisdom, inspiring us to embrace our true selves and embrace a fulfilling life in harmony with our deepest aspirations.

BOLDBoss Question (1): Why don't you start by introducing yourself; where are you from? Do you have any siblings and are you single?

Gina Cloud: Well, you know my name already. For some reason, this question is always the hardest for me in an interview. I always want to dive into the subject matter, but I’ve learned that people are interested in the person who is sharing their advice and wisdom. I’m originally from New Orleans but moved to Los Angeles when I was 5 years old and spent my whole life there up until 2017.

Being mixed race, or Creole as they say in New Orleans, my parents had grown up with racism and didn’t want us (my 3 siblings) to grow up potentially having to face the same issues, so we came out west to California. And yes I am single. Happily so. I add that because so many view being single as a curse or a bad thing. But when you choose it, it’s pure bliss. And I truly believe that if you want to have a great relationship, you have to consciously choose to be single for a while at different times in your life.

BOLDBoss Question (2): What does the empowerment of women look like for you and how do you see this either improving or declining currently?

Gina Cloud: Okay, good, now we can get into the good stuff. In my view, the empowerment of women is when every woman KNOWS her value, her worth, her innate beauty, and the power and wisdom that lives inside her body. It’s a place where women stop defining themselves by what the mirror or the scale says. It’s life on YOUR unique and individual terms. It’s a place where we are in a space of collective collaboration with other women (co-labiaration) I love playing with words! But unfortunately, I see things declining and we women taking a brave stand is the only way forward.

I’m going to talk about a VERY sensitive subject that most won’t dare go near for fear of being canceled or labeled any number of derogatory things. Ready? And I dare you to keep reading even if you disagree vehemently with me. Hear me out. I see the radical Trans movement as a massive takedown of women’s rights, rights we have been fighting for, for centuries. I first want to explain what I mean for all the people who are already jumping on my shit to call me transphobic because that’s the narrative everywhere you turn if you’re not in lockstep agreement with the agenda.

It’s very sad to me that we can’t disagree and dialogue about why we feel as we do without canceling people and calling them hateful names in the name of canceling hate. It’s a paradox. Why can’t I or anyone else who feels differently but who ALSO respects and supports Trans people, speak my concerns? J.K. Rowling is a great example of this. If you haven’t listened to “The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling,” which is an amazing podcast and exploration into all of which I’m speaking, I invite you to, with an open mind.

I have had LGBTQ+ people in my life most of my life, so I want to make a distinction between the legit LGBTQ movement and the radical Trans movement. They are NOT the same and people need to understand this. The radical agenda needs you to believe it’s the same thing because it’s using the legit movement as cover, like a Trojan horse. The legit movement has fought just as hard as we women have for equality and acceptance, and I’m a huge supporter.

But what’s happening now is that the radical trans movement has infiltrated the legit movement and it’s using the cover and legitimacy of decades of fighting for equality to not only groom our kids but to take away so many of women’s hard-won rights. This radical movement to me is like the patriarchy in a dress. A man in a dress is not a woman. Stay with me. The question was how I see things improving or declining for women.

How is it fair to biological women to have biological men infiltrating women’s sports? Or allowing biological men to be in women’s prisons, or women’s locker rooms where women are being raped or beaten, just because a man identifies as a woman. Basically SOME men (as Trans women) are taking women’s rights away while pretending to be women. I know that there are truly Tran’s people out there that are not part of this radicalized movement and I am not speaking of you.

Some of you will disagree with me, but MANY I know completely agree, but are afraid to speak out as loudly as I am. What I see also is that this decline will continue as long as women are too afraid to speak out against this agenda that is setting us back. Many know that the moment they say anything close to this, the labels of transphobic and hate speech, just for starters, will be slapped all over them.

I have worked too hard in my life to help women step into our power and to use our voices COURAGEOUSLY, LOUDLY, CLEARLY, BOLDLY, AND PROUDLY to be silent now. Being a woman is a biological fact, and men cannot BE women and women cannot BE men. Only identify as such, and I believe in respecting those for however they identify but the radical aspect has gotten out of hand and is truly setting women back.

We are also in a decline because so many women believe that what we look like is our value and worth, and as we age in this society, we disappear inside ourselves and feel disposed of. We are declining because we have lost a sense of reverence and connection to our incredible bodies that bleed, birth and become pure wisdom portals in menopause.

Even though there’s a movement to be more open about our cycles, I feel we have lost the connection to the essence of what it MEANS or should mean in women’s lives. And in large part it’s because we no longer are guided by our mothers and grandmothers and other women in our lineage. There is no initiation or sacred rituals that honor our blood and the life that our bodies give.

But the good news is I believe that because so many women are feeling empty, it’s causing us to seek and I’m hopeful this will lead us back to some of the ancient wisdom and practices we have lost. I believe it’s a huge piece of women becoming authentically empowered. Whew, that was a long answer to that question. I hope I didn’t lose too many of you.

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BOLDBoss Question (3): When it comes to having a public platform many men and women seem to find it fitting to share 'relationship' advice. What do you recommend to those on the receiving end? How can they be more discerning when it comes to the advice they choose to take?

Gina Cloud: This is such an excellent question! Sometimes I see all the people out there sharing advice and it makes me cringe, honestly. So many women and men are genuinely seeking how to find someone beyond just hooking up. And there are so many different opinions and “methods.” I think those on the receiving end need to remember that NO ONE IS YOU. There is no one size fits all formula for how to date, how to navigate issues in relationships, how to feel about your sexuality, and how to communicate.

It’s all uniquely you and the other person involved. But I have one golden rule that I believe works every time, no matter what. Spend time by yourself for at least a few months, especially after ending any kind of relationship. Honestly, the longer the better. Remember how I said in the first question that I’m blissfully single? It’s because alone time will teach you that you don’t NEED anyone to be complete. It will teach you not to settle. It will show you how to find who you really are without the influences of someone you want to please because you’ve fallen in love, or want to fall in love.

Self-discovery is the key to finding a great relationship. Of course, there is self-discovery with someone, but not the kind I’m talking about. When you are alone, do you feel great or lonely? If you feel lonely, explore why. It’s an incredible journey to go from needing to be with someone to loving being alone, so that when you do finally choose, it’s not from desperation, but from clarity and a sense of your own self-worth and value.

Also, take your time getting to know someone. Wait 3 months for the sex part if you’re truly wanting a relationship. I’ve found in my personal life and with every coaching client without exception, that if you wait 3 months for sex, most of the time if they’re not right for you, you’ll know it before then. I believe—and in my experience with working with women—that once we start having sex with someone, we get emotionally attached and then it’s so much harder to see that person clearly without being all ga-ga about them. We can lose perspective once we start having sex, so hold off and see who they truly are. It’s usually pretty clear by or often before 3 months.

BOLDBoss Question (4): Can you tell us about your show, 'Redefining Women'? How did it come about and when did you get started? What was your motivation behind building that platform?

Gina Cloud: Wow, you’re going way back. My show hasn’t been around since about 2011. I started the show around 2008, I believe. You’re taxing my memory! But I started it because I saw that women didn’t have a place to get REAL, HONEST information about our bodies, our health, our sexuality, our hormones, and our lives overall.

And there weren’t readily accessible alternatives to the mainstream narratives around these topics, so I brought them to women. I really did love doing that show and I interviewed many authors whose books had informed my work and perspectives. It really took off not just with women, but men started listening in and loved it. It's also in that time frame, 2009 that I wrote my book: W.O.M.A.N.: A New Definition.

BOLDBoss Question (5): As an advocate for women's issues, including but not limited to, menstruation, can you share your thoughts on The Pink Tax? What do you recommend women do take a stand against that and what are some alternatives?

Gina Cloud: I think the Pink Tax is another assault on women. It’s grossly unfair and most people don’t know that it even exists. We have fought hard for economic parity for so long and then to have our hard-earned and well-deserved money slip through our hands as a form of financial abuse is just not acceptable. I think, once again, that women need to come together to stop this. I don’t know if it exists, but a directory of companies selling products to women with the Pink Tax prices built in would be a start so that we could boycott those companies.

It’s been known for decades that we women have great economic power, as we spend more consumer dollars than men, so our buying power for or against companies has a tremendous impact. If companies would also openly promote that they are anti-Pink Tax and can demonstrate the veracity of that, we could support those companies with our dollars and take money away from those that refuse to conform. It’s an unacceptable form of discrimination and we can put a stop to it.

BOLDBoss Question (6): We want to dive into the Maternal Health Crisis in SE DC where there are very limited prenatal care options and nowhere to give birth, do you have any input on this and possible remedies that you think should be put into action? If so, what are they?

Gina Cloud: I am not aware of this situation so don’t feel qualified to express any opinions. I would have to dig deep to see it from different angles.

BOLDBoss Question (7): Your YouTube channel offers some very good insight into relationships, with topics ranging from 'When should I expect sex when dating' to 'Lack of self-love causes you to attract rejection'. Can you share some of your key points from those videos and how these topics relate to today's climate in dating?

Gina Cloud: Heavy sigh… lol. Deep, deep subject matter. I think one of my major messages to people in the dating world is to love yourself FIRST. Find YOU FIRST. When you don’t feel whole as you are, then you’re looking to be completed, and then you become dependent on who you choose to “complete” you. Which is an impossible endeavor.

Spending time with yourself doing things you love, is a great way to meet someone organically and outside of apps. Think about it. If you meet someone when you’re out doing something you love, not only are you having a great time, but you know immediately that you have something in common! You need to just be you, nothing more. If you shape-shift to be the way you think a man or woman would find you attractive, and it’s out of alignment with your authentic self, then you’re lying.

When you pretend to be something you’re not for the sake of finding someone, you are betraying YOU. NEVER, EVER do this. What do you have to lose? Just be your amazing self all the time. You’ll feel freer and happier and when you meet someone, you won’t feel like you have to adapt to suit what they’re looking for. It’s very simple but women find this really hard to do!

Another big message I already touched on is my 3-month sex rule. I also have a great piece I wrote on why there’s no such thing as casual sex and you can find it on my blog.

I think I’ve touched on some of these things already in some of my answers to other questions above, but one last one I’ll speak to for women, is the power of your voice, and using it. Never people please. Learn the power of yes and no, and how boundaries are one of the most important elements of self-care. I have a free 4-day challenge for you to explore this. We women have been silenced for millennia.

Our voices are a powerful aspect of our power and if we participate in our silencing, we will never come fully in line with that power. So when it comes to dating, speak your truth. Don’t say you like camping because the person you’re interested in dating does. Tell the truth. When we are honest, we also don’t waste our time with people we may only have a sexual attraction to.

If you want a relationship, make sure the one with yourself is solid. You can never divorce yourself. You are your life partner, so make sure you don’t disrespect the No. 1 person in your life. For more, people can watch the videos, but I think these are the most important tenets for dating now, in the past, and probably forever, IMHO.

BOLDBoss Question (8): What is your take on the patriarchy and how do you feel that plays into the roles women are to play in relationships and dating? Feminism as well? Do you think feminism has caused a shift in the patriarchy for the good or the bad?

Gina Cloud: I love the great questions you’ve asked me! This has not been a shallow interview, so many out there looking for quick & canned answers. Some of this I addressed in the question about challenges women are facing. Patriarchy will always be a problem for women unless and until we truly come into our power. I’ve outlined a lot of that in this interview. We as women participate in our own exploitation and we have to acknowledge this –without beating ourselves up—and then freaking change it! I wrote another piece about this on my blog.

Patriarchy only has power because we allow it to exist. If every woman followed my 10 GinaCology Principles: used her voice, honored her body wisdom, and respected her sexuality, patriarchy would be over in a day. We have to create images of women that are woman-made, and stop wearing the clothing, both literally and figuratively, that Patriarchy has dictated.

Patriarchy however is NOT MEN. Men are struggling MASSIVELY right now, constrained by strict rules that radical feminism has created. I make a distinction between radical feminism and the version that started the movement. I’m not down with the latest version, in large part because, from my view, it imposes the idea that ALL men are bad. There are good men and bad men, just as there are good women and bad women. But to put shame on all men for being men is not the path forward and it’s handicapping dating and mating, again IMHO.

Radical Feminism is as bad as Patriarchy in my opinion, as it’s imbalanced, as is Patriarchy. We have lost touch with feminine values, and what I mean by feminine are qualities, such as yin and yang. Our world doesn’t value downtime, softness and taking time off, spending time in nature regularly, vulnerability, surrendering from a place of power and choice, and so many other ideas. Our world is largely dictated by toxic male principles – another way of defining Patriarchy.

We need to take the best of both masculine and feminine principles and weave them into balance. I think if we could do that, the world would be a very joyful place and men and women would more happily co-exist, especially in romantic relationships.

BOLDBoss Question (9): What is some advice that you would give to teenage girls interested in dating?

Gina Cloud: Don’t give away who you are just to have someone else love you, or want you. There is nothing more important than staying true to who you are and being sure that you have boundaries, healthy ones where you are clear about your yeses and your no and you know how to voice them. Your body is a temple, so don’t desecrate it by letting anyone visit. And don’t fall prey to all the messages you get about how you’re supposed to look so that you feel insecure and contribute to the number one soul-sucking industry that destroys women: the cosmetic and beauty industry.

Spend time with people who get you and love you for who you are and NEVER let anyone tell you you can’t do something because you’re a girl. We are the power that will shape, change and heal this planet, so don’t sell yourself short. If you do all that, you won’t obsess about dating and you’ll just naturally attract great relationships.

BOLDBoss Question (10): Lastly, where can our readers find you and do you have any upcoming projects you'd like to tell us about?

Gina Cloud: I am MASSIVELY anti-social media. My passion is coaching women, and I do this online or in person. I also love to speak about any of the topics in my repertoire, so speaking engagements light me up, as I love being in a room with live people.

My book is also available on Amazon, and it’s an international bestseller, so I’m proud of that, too. I also answer every single question I’m asked and answer every email, so feel free to reach out. In case you’re a guy reading this, I also do coaching with men. Just check out my website for my blog and the details on all the rest and how to reach me. And if you made it to the end of this interview, THANK YOU for having an open mind!


Gina Cloud image courtesy of Best Seller Publishing


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