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Straight Hair Wedding Styles!

by Jason Dunlap, Sponsored Posts

Photo by Pixabay

No matter if you want a hairstyle inspiration for an upcoming formal event or looking to attend a friend’s wedding, elegance and gorgeousness are every woman’s priority. Not only will it help you to finish off your outfit in a great manner, but it will also keep your appearance according to the formal occasion.

Women all around the globe have multiple events, such as date night, formal parties, prom night, etc., to attend every year for which they might have to plan so many things, and hairstyle is one of the most crucial things among them.

This means that you would require several trendy ideas to flaunt your hairstyle perfectly according to every occasion and gain all the highlights in the room. For this, here is a list of some of the top latest and most formal hairstyle inspirations that you can try any time.


Whether it is about going to an official event or about attending your best friend’s wedding, nothing can beat the charm of a half updo hairstyle that helps you to bring some vintage glamour into your life and makes your appearance perfect according to a formal event.

It is also pretty easy to style and looks great on every hair texture and length. If you want to add some extra volume and length to your hair to create a bit messy style updo, you can also use double wefts of hair extensions to enhance the look even before.

You can simply tie the top half of your hair into a relaxed ponytail and then pull some of the strands outwards to create a better voluminous look. You can also add some cute and sophisticated accessories to make it look more formal.


When it comes to going to formal events, you need to make sure that you are carrying a hairstyle that is neither too flashy nor too low-key. For this very reason, another one of the best choices to make sure of that is to simply go with a low chignon.

The sleek style of a low chignon can also look great with hair extensions as it helps you to add some extra volume to your bun. All you need to do to create this hairstyle is to slick back your hair with the help of a comb by using some hair gel or hairspray as well.

You can also finish the look in a fancier way by curling the lower half of your hair a bit. This will certainly help you to add some extra volume to your hair and make your chignon look more natural and effortless, just like you wanted it to be.


If you do not have much time to decide and want to go with a hairstyle that is both easy to carry and will also make you look ethereal, then nothing can be a better choice than going for full curls that will make you feel like a princess.

To intensify the look, you can also add an element of fun to your hairstyle by styling it with the combination of some intricate braids and twists. Don't forget that the right type of blow dryer can also help enhance this look.


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