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The 10 Greatest 'Girlfriends' Episodes of All Time

by Riley Cook

"Girlfriends" was a groundbreaking American television series that aired from 2000 to 2008, creating waves of empowerment and representation in the world of entertainment. This beloved show, created by Mara Brock Akil, followed the lives of four dynamic African American women in Los Angeles as they navigated the complexities of career, friendship, love, and personal growth.

The series provided a refreshing and authentic portrayal of contemporary Black women, tackling important issues while offering humor, drama, and heartfelt moments. With its memorable characters, witty dialogues, and compelling storylines, "Girlfriends" left an indelible mark on television and remains a cultural touchstone for fans of all backgrounds.

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"Friends, Colleagues, Brothers"

(Season 1, Episode 16)

Joan's frustrated by her inability to advance at her law firm, especially after William earns a case she thought she deserved.


(Season 1, Episode22)

Toni flies to Jamaica to recover from her breakup with Greg and she's joined by Joan, Lynn, and Maya.

"Willie or Won't He II: The Last Chapter?"

(Season 2, Episode 14)

As William and Yvonne's wedding day approaches, she learns he hasn't told his mother about her.

"Into the Woods"

(Season 2, Episode 22)

Joan's ex-boyfriend returns with a startling announcement; Darnell finds out about Maya's indiscretion.

"Can't Stan Ya!"

(Season 2, Episode 15)

Her growing feelings for Stan force Maya to choose between him and her husband; Joan tries to console William after he is left at the altar.

"Between Brock and a Hard Place"

(Season 4, Episode 9)

Joan questions her future with Brock after he confesses having children is not in his future plans.

"Ain't Nothing Over There"

(Season 6, Episode 22)

During a heated custody hearing, Todd makes a surprising announcement; Due to a series of unfortunate events, Joan fails to be there for Toni...again.

"Party Over Here"

(Season 6, Episode 21)

Events lead to the end of Joan and Toni's friendship.

"It's Been Determined"

(Season 7, Episode 22)

Joan proposes to Aaron; meanwhile, Darnell is torn between purchasing his garage or a new home for his family, although Joan's old boyfriend confesses his undying love for her.

"What's Black-a-Lackin'?"

(Season 8, Episode 12)

Lynn gets upset when she learns that her record label is pushing back the release of her album to promote another artist, Chrisette Michele. When Lynn confronts the record label, they tell her they are concerned about how to market her because they feel she is not "black" enough.


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