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The Best Sports Events for a Date Night

by Jean A.

Relationships take work, and so, you should be going out on fun dates to keep the relationship fresh and interesting. Cuddling up on the sofa in front of Netflix may be cozy and relaxing, but it gets boring quickly.

It’s all about constant effort, so you should be getting out and about and making the most of your location to carry on getting to know each other. Visiting sporting events together is an amazing way to spend some quality time, do something different and keep the spark in your relationship alive. Below are a few suggestions and why they’d make a great date night.


The NFL is fast-paced and exciting. You won’t catch players rolling around on the grid in agony after a tackle. Instead, they just get up, dust themselves off and get back on trying to help their team win the game. You and your man can admire the athletes in action and cheer on the local team.

Of course, the NFL boasts the biggest event in the sporting calendar, so you could even check out the Super Bowl odds, place a bet on the final and, if you’re lucky enough to get tickets, watch the biggest game in the NFL live. While the winning team lifts the Lombardi trophy, you could also be cashing in some winnings if you bet correctly.


If you thought the NFL was fast and furious, then check out the NBA. These athletes tear up and down the court for around 2.5 hours, but if the game runs into overtime they can be on there for up to three. The association also features some of the biggest athletes on the planet, such as LeBron James.

The playoffs are an exceptionally exciting time to see an NBA game live and see who makes it to the final, but if you can’t get tickets for them, a regular season game boasts just as much excitement. The New York Knicks vs Brooklyn Nets and the Memphis Grizzlies vs Golden State Warriors are two interesting games you might want to check out, as is the All-Star game.


If you and your guy don’t mind watching fisticuffs, you might want to see a game of ice hockey together. Naturally, players are trying to score as many goals as possible for their team to win the game, but if two players come to blows, the referees let them go at it for as long as they both remain on their feet. Brutal but exciting for the crowd!

Seeing the players zip around on the ice might even inspire you not so much to pick up a hockey stick, but to go ice skating as another date night. Until then, big games you might wish to catch include the New York Rangers on the road at the Washington Capitals (both teams have new coaches) and the Vegas Golden Knights vs Florida Panthers (with the Panthers seeking to avenge their loss in the Stanley Cup final to the Golden Knights).

Major League Baseball

You don’t have to know all the rules of baseball to enjoy a game together. Just seeing a player smash a home run and then hearing the crowd cheering for it is an experience in itself. A live baseball match, like seeing many other sports live, is a good opportunity to bond, so why not see your local team chalk up a win together?

Interleague matches such as Chicago Cubs vs Chicago White Sox provide real intrigue. You might fancy big cities going up against each other, such as the New York Yankees vs LA Dodgers, and experience the excitement of the game in a major stadium. If you have no allegiance to any particular team and just want to see a riveting game of baseball, the All-Star game, which features teams made up of outstanding players from national and American League teams, could be the one for you.

Major Soccer League

The Premier League might be the most competitive in the world, but the US has the Major Soccer League on its doorstep. The league attracts some of the finest talent from all over the world… players who have served teams in the Premier League or the top tiers of other leagues from around the world and wish to play out their remaining days somewhere else. It’s also a chance to see some of America’s rising soccer stars and watch them develop into fantastic players who may go on to serve their country on the national team.

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Relationships require work. Although all relationships have their ups and downs, making time for each other is an important part of enabling the relationship to run smoothly. Seeing sports events on date nights can help you to keep the fires burning and the relationship fresh and interesting for both of you.


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