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5 Do’s And 4 Don'ts of Loungewear Fashion

by Irene, Sponsored Posts

Image Credit: The Daily Mail/ Khloe Kardashian and True Thompson

Loungewear is the perfect choice if you love comfort in the clothes you put on at home, alone, or when having friends over. Not only will it make you feel comfortable, but it will make you look composed. Indeed, celebrities are stretching their use even further by wearing loungewear to events. You can join this fashion trend and rock like the stars. However, if you don’t dress right in your loungewear, you’ll kill their vibe.

This casual look primarily consists of sweats, t-shirts, tracksuits, hoodies, and cardigans, among other easy-to-wear clothes. And contrary to popular perception, it doesn’t have anything to do with pajamas.

You can go out of your home in loungewear and still look fashionable. With loungewear becoming a must-have piece of clothing in your fashion closet, you don’t want to look messy when wearing them. So, whether you’re working from home, meeting a friend for coffee, or taking a leisure walk around your home, here are key considerations you must take to ensure you pull off a fashionable look with loungewear:


In fashion, there are universally accepted principles you have to follow if you want to look great. Here are a few that will do with loungewear:


If you plan on dressing in loungewear, the obvious assumption that they should be baggy is misleading. Comfortable doesn’t necessarily mean big. You must have seen celebs step out in fitting cardigans and look great. The secret is wearing the right size. Fashion experts—sharing tips on how to dress for a holiday—noted that dressing in baggy clothes adds weight to your frame, making it a bit clumsy to walk around and engage in everyday activities.

The goal of dressing in loungewear is to feel comfortable and remain stylish. Baggy-fitted loungewear will take that from you. Choosing a slightly bigger fit than your normal size gets the job done.


Adding another layer to your loungewear outfit is incredible. If you’re going out for coffee with a friend in the evening, you can keep warm by adding a jacket to your outfit. With the current trends, a trench coat that is the same color shade as your loungewear will still be fine.

You can also add other layers, such as lounge tops, to boost the casual look. The lounge top can particularly look great in leggings or dress pants.

While land-based loungewear stores abound, shopping online for your outfits is an excellent option. It’s very affordable. And thanks to technology, you can be able to find layers of the right shades and sizes. You can even get to fit some of the outfits online and have a sneak peek of your final look before purchasing the loungewear.


A rule of thumb about rocking your loungewear is that it should be color-coordinated. Most loungewear comes as two-piece sets, perhaps a pair of pants and a hoodie. In such a case, ensure you put on the two together.

The greatest power of fashion for ladies is to master what brings out the best in them when it comes to dressing. On that note, color carries a greater resonance with an individual rather than being a mere fashion trend. Consider one recent study in Canada that revealed a whopping 90% of buyers concentrate on color before making a purchase. This is in line with color psychology, which states that a lot can be said about somebody from the colors they wear; the reason why most people are concerned about it.

Loungewear is no different. Having the right shades brings out the best in you. So, make a point of picking shades that look good on you. You can also use colors to bring out different personalities or moods. If you’re in for a romantic staycation, match your hues with deep ruby red, caramel, or raspberry pink. And to portray that happy-go-lucky feel, yellow loungewear should do. Still, for a sad day, perhaps due to bereavement, dressing in darker shades perfectly helps you mourn.


One way of staying on top of your fashion game is ensuring you often shop around for the trendiest loungewear. With fashion trends evolving speedily, you can only keep up by shopping around regularly. Shopping around ensures you have the latest designs in your closet, insights on how to look the part while rocking your loungewear, and you know what’s trending in your preferred style.

Especially in the loungewear niche, collections get added daily. Several people, including your favorite celebs, appreciate the loungewear culture. By wearing these outfits in public, they’re driving the attention of the masses to loungewear. For instance, leggings were initially a preserve for the house only. But today, they’re officially a component of streetwear, now famously dubbed the athleisure fashion trend. Pairing them with sweatshirts and hoodies looks exceedingly great.


There’s no rule that loungewear must be plain. You can add adorable and affordable accessories to your loungewear to add fashion sense to it. Just like spicy food is considered tasty, accessorizing your loungewear adds taste to your fashion style.

For that case, consider wearing a necklace on your sweatshirt. Apart from necklaces, you can also add earrings, hair clips, socks, scrunchies, or headbands to spice up your loungewear. Ultimately, accessories that add style to your loungewear are necessary for achieving a fashionable look.


Loungewear fashion has some don’ts of its kind. Below are some of the things you should avoid at all costs to look trendy when spotting loungewear:


Mixing and matching loungewear isn’t a wise approach. As noted earlier, most loungewear comes in a complete top and bottom set. For this reason, stick to the fashion rule of wearing them as they’re. Mix and matching loungewear don’t bring out the desired casual look. Instead, you might look less pleasant and leave a bad taste in onlookers’ mouths.

Wearing a matching top-and-bottom set perfectly says that you’re dressed down. After all, casual wear is about looking good and not fancy. There’s no need to have your leggings and a dress on top just because people do it. You could wear either the dress or leggings alone and still look great. Remember, simplicity is key in fashion. Therefore, keep your loungewear as simple as possible, and you’ll successfully pull off an elegant look.


Most loungewear is made from cotton, but some come in silk fabric. And given their loosely fitting make, you must wash them appropriately to avoid stretching them further. In light of this, machine-wash your loungewear at the right temperature. Excessive hot water may stretch them, resulting in a too baggy fit.

Taking care of your loungewear during cleaning ensures you maintain its durability, meaning you won’t have to buy new pieces every other month. Likewise, you keep them in a good state and can comfortably wear them even during a work meeting. According to a survey carried out in the work environment, a quarter of employees said they’d continue to dress less formally at work after the pandemic. If you agree, loungewear will help you stay stylish and casual at the same time.

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Fashion plays a huge part in how people express themselves. It’s also a contributing factor to first impressions. Nevertheless, with numerous trends on the rise, it’s easy to find yourself on the wrong side of fashion and styling.

Understand that trends should help you look unique and fit in well with your crew. However, standing out doesn’t mean you overdo it. Spotting several trends in one outfit is too obvious a call for attention. You should only spice up your loungewear and not overshadow it.

Again, keeping up with all the trends could be costly. It’s not necessary to have every other trendy piece of outfit out there. You just need to identify what trends can be incorporated into most of your outfits and stick to these few.

It’s also good to be sure you’ll look good in a particular trend. Not everything works for everyone. You might not be the body type of your fashion icon, and what looks good on them might not look good on you. So, ensure you know your body type and choose a trend accordingly.


One rule in fashion about loose clothes such as loungewear is that they should cover-up. After all, the goal of loungewear is to dress down and look comfortable. With such, you can lay around the house and feel comfortable not displaying a ton of skin. While this would be appropriate with your summer outfit, not covering up looks clumsy in loungewear. To this end, no tank tops or similar outfits.


Gone are the days when you had separate outfits for going out and staying in. With correct styling, it’s possible to wear your loungewear inside and outside your house. They’re your go-to fashion for those slow days at home as they’re comfy and easy to relax in. You can also run your everyday errands in loungewear and attend video conferences or coffee meetings. Just follow the nine tips above, and you’re sure to look great.


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