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Beauty Brands and Influencer Collaborations in the Streaming Era

by Barbara Slane, Sponsored Posts

In the world of cosmetics that is ever-changing, beauty brands are looking to explore newer opportunities to increase brand visibility and capture a larger market share. Influencer collaborations have thus come as a powerful means of marketing in the beauty industry.

Welcome to the streaming era, social and streaming platforms have now become the next big thing when it comes to brand sponsorships and co-branded products. This not only enhances the visibility but also gives credibility to the brands that the targeted audience can relate to. With streaming competition now filling the void left by the slow death of traditional media, this blog post unpacks how streaming has pushed the relationship between beauty brands and influencer collaborations to a new level. So, whatever your affiliation is - to beauty brands, influencers, or simply curious - this foray promises fresh, interesting revelations, and thought-provoking conversation.


And with the booming beauty market, the second generation of beauty brands is taking to influencers to form partnership deals that are beneficial to both parties. Information from a report by Upfluence reveals that in the beauty industry, there is a period of rapid growth to come, driven from $420B in 2018 to $716.3B by 2025.

These partnerships include sponsored content deals, co-branded products, and ambassadorships. Influencers become a vital marketing and awareness tool, prompting brands to invest in long-term partnerships. What do they get in return? Let’s take a look at the top benefits of combining efforts:

  • Visibility: Such partnerships build great visibility for the beauty brand as well as the influencer. This in turn increases exposure and eventually brand awareness amongst the target audiences.

  • Diversification: By partnering with influencers, beauty brands can reach out to a wider and more diverse audience. This diversification from one-way marketing also allows different audiences to get exposure to the brand’s products and services.

  • Authenticity: In partnership with influencers, the brands could use the reputation and sustainability of the influencers to add authenticity to their message.


However, with E-commerce comes challenges. The greatest challenge of all is the trust thing. Beauty brands need to ensure that they only work with people whom they can trust and people of integrity. This can sometimes be very difficult to do since a lot of the influencers have a large reach and therefore are very hard to vet.

Another problem is the challenge of determining the return on investment made, and thereby the subsequent monitoring of the outcome of such campaigns. Due to the high number of influencers marketing a particular brand, it can be somewhat tricky to follow up on the experience and success of each one of these individuals. For that matter, beauty brands have to consider their partnerships and the outcome of their affiliations over time. In addition, ethical values have to form the basis of every campaign based on influencers. To avoid any kind of negativity, beauty brands have to make sure that the campaign messages are respectable and true to all the stakeholders.


We will also see some trends in emerging technology soon as beauty brands keep learning more tricks about influencer marketing. Two such we are bound to witness are nano- and micro-influencers. These are the followers who have a more niche following and can offer a perspective that is contemporary and fresh when beauty brands work on campaigns with them. As we move deeper into the streaming era, beauty brands and influencers alike look forward to ways through which they can maximize their collaborations.

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Image Credit: NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty Images

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This is the era of streaming and has many opportunities for beauty brands, as well as influencers, to create extremely impactful collaborations. Both parties will have a great deal of benefit by utilizing resources and competitive strengths when collaborating. Beauty brands should take their time to research the influencer partners, assess their ROI, and keep abreast with the pace of new trends so that their collaborations are impressive. Such campaigns can help them reach many audiences as well as have visibility to their products.


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