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Everything You Need to Know About 'The Manhattan Dinner'

What is the dress code? Who gets to go? How to get Samara Morris

Dating is challenging, we know. The Manhattan Dinner is here to change how we view love, partnerships, and connections.

As many of us continue to navigate the digital age, where apps such as Bumble and Tinder have seemingly grown in popularity, it’s important to remember that those apps are a business. Their job is not to find you love but to make a profit from your longing for companionship.

With Tinder announcing their ultra-premium subscription tier priced at $499/month to help you match with the guy or girl of your dreams, their mission is becoming more apparent. But what about you, the consumer? How do you benefit from something that’s already garnered a reputation for being salacious and openly sexual? Many users of apps like Tinder and Bumble are simply passing the time because it’s free and sort of like a buffet of options without the bill.

The Manhattan Dinner is innovative; it’s disruptive in a time where convenience has become popularized in almost every area of our lives, love included. But this should not be the case; it should never have gone this far. Meeting like-minded people organically will always be the best way to go because it shows a seriousness for wanting commitment and to find that perfect person for you.

Trust us; they’re out there. But there comes a time when we all have to stop swiping and start mingling. Get your hair done, wear that fancy new outfit you’ve been dying to pull out of your closet, get your makeup done, and for men, it's time to retire the jock tee and sweats and replace it with that tailored suit. Let’s bring back style; let’s bring back organic meetups; let’s bring back dating with intention.

When we date with intention, we do away with situationships and hookup culture. The Manhattan Dinner is presented by She’s SINGLE Magazine for singles to gather in a lavish environment with an opulent menu, live music, and diverse personalities. You can not only meet the love of your life but also perhaps a future business partner, a new best friend…the options are endless.



The Manhattan Dinner has a very strict dress code – it is Black Tie only. Both men and women must wear appropriate clothing. If you are not within the dress code, you will be turned away at the door without a refund for your ticket or that of your sponsor, if you have one. We encourage men and women to come dressed to impress, as this is not only a night of passion but also of elegance and a new outlook on love.


There are three ways to attend: purchase your ticket here, reach out to clothing brands asking them to sponsor you; this is called a Glamour Sponsorship. Brands will be asked to complete an application and will be charged the full ticket amount. LUEQ. is a proud sponsor of The Manhattan Dinner and is currently accepting applications to sponsor a model.

To reach out to brands, we suggest sharing some information about the event. If they request our media kit, it can be downloaded here for you to provide. It would be prudent to share your socials—if you have any and to mention that our event will be covered by Getty Images. With permission, your photo along with the brand’s name and links to their items for purchase will also be featured in the magazine.

Lastly, you may submit an application—our application process is rigorous. We ask personal questions to ensure you are a good fit for the dinner; a background check is also required for all guests. If you do not wish to undergo a background check, please note that you will not be able to attend this event. The application fee is $149 and can be downloaded here. Please submit the completed application to ATTN: Casey Mitchell.

An application DOES NOT guarantee attendance. If you are accepted to attend, you will be notified within 60 days of the receipt of your application. No response means your application was denied or you’ve been waitlisted.


Guests are not allowed a plus one, as the maximum number of guests will not exceed 120. There will be approximately 110 guests seated for dinner. Phones are prohibited; we ask that all phones be turned on airplane mode and/or silenced. Photos from the event are also prohibited. Anyone seen disregarding these regulations will be asked to exit the premises.


Valet parking will not be available.


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