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Exploring Pleasure w/ 'Tracy's Dog' - Your Ultimate Guide to Sensual Satisfaction

by Danielle Wright

Many moons ago, it was common for women never to experience an orgasm. In fact, it wasn’t until 1957 that the first medical research into female orgasms took place.

Fast forward to today, where 81.6% of women say they have never orgasmed from intercourse alone. Speaking with one reader, she says, “I have no idea what that feels like, and I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost five years.”

Yikes! An astonishing 18.4% of women report that intercourse alone is sufficient to orgasm. So, perhaps our dear reader is just like me, a part of the majority of women who cannot climax without additional clitoral stimulation. Well, for us ladies, there’s a solution, and they're called Tracy’s Dog.

Tracy’s Dog began with a single idea after learning that many women have never felt a real orgasm. They created sex toys that focus primarily on clitoral stimulation, and let me tell you, it’s like feeling the breeze blow on your face for the first time. And then you want to experience that moment again and again and…again.

Everyone is different, and sex is not a one-size-fits-all, although for some heterosexual men, it’s common practice to get in and get out. But what happened to getting to know someone’s anatomy and spending time with them long enough to get them aroused? The average sex toy is no substitute for the real thing, but Tracy’s Dog’s inventory is anything but average.

After giving the Flowliper a whirl, I noticed that all my adult life I’ve been missing something that I now fear a real man can’t possibly provide…suction. Make no mistake, I’m not new to this; I’m a professional at masturbating.

Sex toys don’t break my heart; they’re readily available when I’m hot and in the mood. I don’t have to worry about my sex toy mysteriously ending up in someone else’s vagina or satisfying other women it’s met on Instagram…I mean, the list goes on. The only tears I got from the Flowliper were tears of joy.

The products from Tracy’s Dog are easy and safe to use. When it comes to the best materials, Michelle Brennan, an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, recommends “opting for medical-grade silicone, stainless steel, glass, or ABS plastic. These materials are not only safe and hygienic but also non-porous, meaning they won’t harbor bacteria and are easy to clean—an essential aspect for maintaining sexual health.”

As you keep the cleanliness of your sex toy at the forefront of your mind, you’ll come to realize just how liberating it is to masturbate. Not only that, but having a go-to toy that you’re 100% sure will get the job done each and every time.

In the late 60s and throughout the 70s, artist and sexual educator Betty Dodson began teaching women-only masturbation workshops. She did this because she wanted women to understand the importance of sex toys and how their use can help them to take back their own autonomy.

While Tracy’s Dog started as a single idea, it’s morphed into something triumphant—a place where women from all over the world can call home. Their customer service team is exceptional and there to guide you in finding the best product for you and your needs. Whether you’re looking for some solo-play or to enhance your sex life with your partner, there’s something for everyone.

According to Jillian Amodio, Sex Educator, and Licensed Social Worker, “For couples, sex toys can add excitement, expand on the sexual experience, reduce pressures to perform, increase communication and increase intimacy.” Couples interested in introducing toys into the bedroom can take a look at Tracy's Dog's website to find images and instructions for use.

For most products, headers towards the bottom include: usage, fun for girls, fun for guys, fun for couples. Under each heading, you can expect to find four detailed images showing you exactly how to put your product to use and get the most out of it. Most importantly, there are steps detailing how to properly clean and store your product after each use.

Masturbating or using toys to enhance your sex life with your partner can feel exhilarating. “It’s important for both you and your partner to listen to your bodies and use your sex toys in a way that feels comfortable and enjoyable for just you or both of you,” Rayan says. On the flip side, if you’re a couple trying to spice things up, don’t rely solely on the use of sex toys.

Marriage and Couples Therapist, Samantha C., advises that “using artificial means can certainly work to induce pleasure, but a vibrator creates changes to one’s brain and nervous system due to skipping an important stage in natural arousal, which would increase oxytocin, nitric oxide, and a host of other chemicals.”

Overall, whether you’re looking for some solo-play or aiming to experience an orgasm with your partner, like our reader who was mentioned earlier, Tracy’s Dog is the perfect place to get started. Their FAQ covers an array of information, with videos about the battery, cleaning and storing, lubricants and condoms, shipping, discreet packaging, and much more! We hope you give Tracy’s Dog a try and enjoy the experience.


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