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Print Exclusive: Amanda Rose, Celebrity Matchmaker & Dating Coach

by Stephanie E. & Lisa K. Stephenson

In the glittering realm of Hollywood, where love stories are often as captivating as those on the silver screen, the quest for romantic companionship takes a unique turn.

Image Credit: Amanda Rose

Enter the realm of celebrity matchmakers, the architects behind the scenes who orchestrate the romantic entanglements of the stars. In a world where privacy is a coveted commodity, these matchmakers navigate the intricate web of Hollywood relationships, orchestrating encounters that captivate tabloids and fans alike.

Beyond the glitz and glam, these Cupids of the celebrity sphere play a pivotal role in shaping the narratives of Hollywood’s elite, influencing not just love stories but also the public perception of the stars themselves. This is the fascinating domain where the business of love meets the allure of stardom.

Amanda Rose, the Founder and CEO of Prestige Connections—a luxury matchmaking agency, the Dating Boutique, and SwoonMe Events, is among the Cupids of the celebrity atmosphere. Now married and the mother of three children ages 21, 20, and 16 months old, Rose met her now-husband on Bumble seven years ago.

“I decided to swipe right and keep him for myself, and the rest is history. We immediately hit it off.” It’s no surprise that many men and women have opted to join a dating app on their quest for love; however, it has been noted that the elevated use of algorithms has made it increasingly difficult to find much success as of late. But with a divorce under her belt and a desire for more children, Rose remained steadfast, deciding not to give up, as being a wife and mother was her dream even as a child growing up.

“I’ve been in business since 2012. I was married to my ex-husband at the time. I had suspicions he was online dating and went looking for his profile. As I was searching for his profile, I thought, ‘Wow, these guys look scary! There should be a business that helps people look dateable.’ Soon after, I found my ex’s profile, and needless to say, we got a divorce.

I went from being a stay-at-home mom to a single mom overnight and needed to provide for my children. So, I took that little idea and launched my first business called the Dating Stylist. I made over online profiles to help people look dateable and get more dates. Then, an international matchmaking agency asked me to be their regional coordinator, but their process was not personalized enough, so I branched off on my own and created my celebrity matchmaking agency.”

Full article, Winter 2024 Issue


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