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Fashion 102: How to Wear a Trench Coat

by Adina B, Guest Blogger

Fashion 102: The “Trench” Revolution

Fashion says, “Hey, it’s been a while!”

Your closet is speaking but are you truly listening to what they have to say? By they, I mean the garments. That sleeveless top perfect for the hot summer day, the cashmere sweaters, the destroyed dark denims, the crew neck top, the crop tops, quarter sleeve shirts, blouses and of course the outerwear Trenches!

It is that season once again for all the East Coast residents, Fall has made its arrival. While Bomber Jackets, Jean Jackets and Blazers are still quite popular, the Trench, although less casual, is simply the look of Couture. To all the East Coast residents it’s time to enrich your fashion development and change the way you listen to your closet.

My life: an invitation has been accepted by me at 4:30PM, I am now standing on the threshold of my open wardrobe pondering, listening and removing pieces in my mind placing them together to create a look fit for the event. This communication between the garments and I generally last about one hour, sometimes longer before I decide it may be time to physically begin pulling pieces. Talk about being fashionably late!

I ask you East Coasters, are you listening to your garments?

Let’s begin by stating the obvious, Fall Season falls right in line with darker, dimmer colors, which in turn can assist in helping to create a slimmer, more proportioned look for both men and women. -Fashion 101 covers this...


The unbroken line makes for a pulled together look, and an overall color can make you look slimmer. As long as there is a long unbroken line -a top and skirt on one color and a jacket or cardigan of another- on outside or on the inside the benefit still remains. You can also pair bright and darks to balance your body and what better season than Fall? That rose-pink cashmere top paired with a chestnut colored pencil skirt outlined by a beige Trench coat is one great example.

Details & Naked Skin:

There is also the danger of unwittingly adding horizontal lines to our outfits. For example, if you were to try on a safari jacket -with horizontals created by its belt and numerous pockets- and a single-breasted pocket less jacket, be advised that the simple blazer would give you a much slimmer appearance because it contains no details that add bulk and distract the eye from its straight up and down path. Shh, I think that is the sound of your wardrobe thanking me.

Have you checked out “The Re-invention Package”? This maybe a great place to start for all of you East Coast residents looking to re-invent your style for the Trench Fall Season.

Now let’s talk about the Trench Baby!

Fully Busted Details:

You want to choose a semi-fitted, single breasted style with a deep V-neck. Avoid high necklines, patch pockets, double breasted style and loose fitted belted styles (unless you are simply into the oversized look).

Small Busted Details:

Styles with a nipped waist or a belt -straight tailored cuts- are also good choices. Go with high arm holes to keep the styles from being overpowering. Again, unless you are simply into the oversized look, avoid loose fitted styles.

Tummy Details: Choose straight cut, single breasted styles. A subtle A-line can work as well. Go with a length that is mid-hip or longer. Here you want to avoid belted styles!

Curvy Details: Try a single breasted straight cut or a semi-fitted style. Look for simple lines and natural looking shoulder padding. Do avoid flap or patch pockets, high necklines and styles that are too full or too fitted. Yes, curvy ladies, you’re welcome.

Short Details: Choose a length that is no longer than an inch above the knee, unless you are simply looking to drag your coat along the ground, then please by all means. Otherwise, seek to elongate your frame with empire-waist, high belted or fitted styles. Keep your lines simple. Create an illusion of height with narrow lapels tapered to the waist or a high neckline. Stay away from long coats, voluminous (unless you are simply into oversized looks), wide lapels and styles with excess flourish and detail.

Broad Shoulder Detail:

Try loose unstructured jackets, anything too fitted will emphasize the shoulders. Go with a mid-hip or longer, use vertical seams and notch or shawl collars to elongate the torso. Go with V-necks, small lapels, single-breasted styles and narrow, small collars. Avoid double breasted styles, breast pockets, trimming or piping on the top.


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