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Fun Things to Bring to a Music Festival

by Harley Miller

It's festival season! With that in mind, we know it can feel stressful trying to figure out what to pack or bring along with you to celebrate the occasion. In this article, we're going to share some of our recommendations and tips for getting your groove on while still slaying a look.


Of course, the debate is out on which one is preferred. Some music lovers prefer the festival scene because you can pay one price to see multiple acts versus one price to see one act, while others have chimed in stating they prefer to see one long act versus multiple short ones. Comment down below which one you prefer and why.

For me, it's all about the experience. Going to a music festival, I expect to be standing around and singing and dancing while holding a fancy beverage in my hand (if you know what I mean…). Meanwhile, at concerts, there are restrictions and chairs are often unused as the audience members will stand, obscure your view and shove you all over the place.

Note, I am not saying the latter cannot happen at a festival but the difference is, I can expect it. If I am going to attend a concert I'd rather treat it like a Broadway play—sit, watch, and clap when appropriate.

Attending a festival should feel like a vacation—something you don't quite do too often. Make a road trip out of it, travel to a new state or town, but most importantly, if you're going to only see one artist and get trampled on, where's the fun in that? Most festivals last multiple days which means you can get a hotel and check out other parts of the town where the festival is being held. Just know that it should be something that takes you away from your mundane day-to-day life.


Most festivals take place during the summer so if nothing else, please be sure to have sunscreen. Even if you're a melanin woman, you need sunscreen. The one I am going to recommend is from Goop and can be found on Amazon. It's a bit pricey, but trust me it's worth it. Make sure to apply it every two hours and enjoy your time out in the sun.

Supergoop! Glow Stick, 0.70z – SPF 50 Dry Oil Sunscreen, $26.00

The Hydrosol Water Soluble Toning Spray retails for $52.00. It's great for applying a little mist as you walk along the grounds. If you aren't sure whether or not it's right for you, check out the blog on their website to take a short and cute quiz.

Limitless Long-Wear Pencil Eyeliner – Spending a long time in the heat can cause your makeup to run and if you have oily skin like me, forget it! Matte is our best friend. This eyeliner is waterproof which makes it perfect for the occasion and it adds a pop of color to your look. I've already got this stored away for my trip to California to attend the Embracing Single Status Relationship & Music Festival—next year it will be in Texas for 3-days and I'll have my liner for then, too.

For the New York girls traveling for the festivities, give this liquid liner a try. The UV Vegan Liquid Liner is just $20 and was inspired by the fun bold colors of 80's New York. The liner uses vegan formulation and bold pigments in nine fun shades.

Those are some of my recommendations because overall, festivals are great but can be overwhelming—walking around, it's hot outside, but don't overthink it, just try to make it memorable for you.

Also, don't underestimate the power of meeting new and interesting people at festivals. I think niche festivals are always the best because it's guaranteed that you'll meet like-minded individuals whom you can later on build relationships with—plus if they're from another country, it will give you all the more reason to travel and visit them.

As one user wrote, “Festivals are great in that the music is only one part of the experience. You go to festivals as part of a large group of friends, and its great chilling with them and enjoying some good music.” – Reddit

Overall, do what makes you happy, but now that we’re in the season for festivals it’s good to make a list of what you’re looking for, what you need, and where you want to spend your time and money, then make it happen.

Life is all about taking risks so you don’t have to feel like a hamster on a wheel. Make plans, grab your friends and head out. And for the girls who don’t have too many friends—such as myself—don’t be afraid to take time to go out alone and meet new people. We have one life to live and we should be making the best of it, always!


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