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18 Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing...

Plus, our personal recommendations by The Editors

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In just 79 days it will be…Christmas and as such there are so many wonderful things happening! For instance, our annual product guide to help you through the process of choosing just the right gift for the woman who wants nothing or can be difficult to shop for.

Additionally, now that we have opened our Book Box awards to thousands of brands, from skincare to cosmetics, you can sample a few in our next subscription box (just look out for the lavender checkmark on their image). We’re all about the holidays and making life easy for our beloved readers, and helping you find perfect Christmas gifts for couples and try new, magnificent brands!

But in case you were wondering, this guide is not just for your holiday wish list, it is Libra season and who can forget the seventh sign in the zodiac? Following will be Scorpio and Capricorn season. Below you can find brands with the perfect birthday gifts for your hardworking, independent woman.

And best of all, as aforementioned, some of the items—if you’re a member—can be sampled! It’s a great time to celebrate and we look forward to helping you cross off every name on your list this season by gifting them with unique items we’re sure they’ll love. Happy shopping…oh and sampling, too.

Phenic Natural Skincare's Jasmine Beauty Oil is our beauty enhancing oil blend with the added scent and benefits of jasmine essential oil. This fast-absorbing beauty oil will leave your skin with a luminous velvety finish.

Squalane Oil, Unrefined Organic Vitamin E Oil, Unrefined Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Jasmine Essential Oil.

Retail: $32.00 | Can't wait to try? Samples available in our next Book Box


Cris's Blends was born from the need for a natural alternative to mainstream skin care, and the awareness of what bath and body products are made with. They value a natural lifestyle, and firmly believe that beautiful, healthy skin starts with the food we eat. However, to boost the health and natural glow, Cris's Blends further nourish our skin with potent ingredients found in plants and minerals.

Retail: $10.50 to $19.00 | Can't wait to try Samples available in our next Book Box


Blyssen, a self-care and natural skincare brand that helps women reconnect with their true selves by nourishing their self-worth and their glow.

Our Repair Facial Oil is the perfect for a strong, confident woman to gift herself. The first step to glowing skin is truly loving and appreciating who you are When you love yourself and your skin, your glow is undeniable.

Simple and clean, yet powerful and rejuvenating. Moisturizes and gently nourishes the skins barrier. Wake up with supple, glowing skin Retail: $45.00 | Can't wait to try? Samples available in our next Book Box

GoldenHour from PRESSOLOGY is a plant-based blend of 7 USDA organic cold-pressed, vegan, and cruelty-free oils that are a rich source of powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to meet all your skin's needs.

Apply on the face, neck, and décolletage and use the facial reflexology tools from the brand to depuff, sculpt, and drain.

Retail: $33.00


Beautiful Mind 90 Day Journal: Our minds create our reality, and with this book, you will be able to practice your daily gratitude; I am affirmations and write out your to-do list every day.

This will help you start each day with the right mindset and create a plan that allows you to feel happier and determined, all while getting things done.

Retail: $24.44


ALINEA is formulated to be portable and multi-purpose, ALINEA is an aroma therapeutic blend designed to help dissolve stressful moments on-the-go.

Retail: $39.00

Can't wait to try?

Samples available in our next Book Box


KOLONYA™ COLLECTION created by Esas’s products are developed using a holistic 3-prong approach:

  • Repair & reduce inflammation in combating free radicals and pollutants by restoring the skin’s microbiome with the highest quality enzymatic ingredients.

  • Hydrate & moisturize your skin with antioxidants and humectants.

  • Protect & prevent against transepidermal water loss and long-term environmental damage with organic and cold-pressed oils and butters. Retail: $8.00 to $69.00


Frida spent an intensive 4 years formulating our products with superior selected high-performance botanical ingredients. She worked with nearly 500 natural and organic raw ingredients and involved in 3 R&D Labs between France and Korea during the process.

She aims to craft our formula to beautifully mix French super potent molecular botanicals and Korean long-lasting beauty technology to achieve the most attainable and effective urban skincare regimen.

Retail: $46.00 to $120.00


LotionSoap is a blend of lotion and soap that was formulated by a dentist who got tired of dealing with dry ashy hands that comes with constant washing and winter weather. It is made with ingredients that will clean, soften and also moisturize the hands.

It has powerful ingredients like glycerin to keep skin hydrated, coconut oil and lecithin to restore suppleness. It is plant based, paraben free, phthalate free and vegan.

Bliss Soap's focus is to keep skin glowing by staying moisturized.

Retail: $10.00 | Can't wait to try? Samples available in our next Book Box


Verelle is a haircare brand that makes natural, clean and customized curly hair care products by curl type. Verelle focuses on (a) high-performing products that are designed specifically for wavy, curly and coily hair instead of a 'one-size-fits-all' approach, and (b) simplified 3-step hair care sets / routines for the modern woman without overcomplicated routines / products.

All Verelle products are free of sulfates, silicones, and parabens and come with free shipping. Verelle has 2,000+ 5 star reviews and has been featured by the Curlsbot site as a recommended curly brand.

Retail: $24.00 to $50.00


Bel Essence is a skin care company making highly effective skin care products from natural and organic ingredients based on a simple principle - nutrition for the skin. Natural oils and extracts are rich in the vitamins, omega 3s, fatty acids and other nutrients important for soothing and treating common skin conditions and irritations and give you healthy skin and have been known for centuries for their health, healing and restoring properties.

Retail: $9.50 to 49.00

Can't wait to try?

Samples available in our next Book Box


Thickening Cream is designed to thicken, strengthen and add shine to each hair strand. It is formulated to build up your hair strand if it has been damaged or weakened.

Best for fine, brittle hair that has lost its luster or needs strengthening. It has minimal hold but adds integrity to the hair shaft.

Retail: $35.00


Unlike other all-natural brushes made from plants that tend to have coarse bristles, sisal brushes have semi-firm bristles which are perfectly safe for the skin. It can exfoliate without being too rough on the skin, provide stimulating massages, help purify the lymphatic system and soothe tired and aching muscles.

Retail: $29.50


Balance Hair Mystics: Their handmade aroma therapeutic hair mists are one-part hair perfume, one-part self-protection mist, and one million parts magical!

Your hair is not just your crowning glory; each strand is an energy conduit connecting your crown to the universe.

Lavish your locks with our fragrant mixture and infusion of 100% organic essential oils, purified water, magic and pure love. Retail: $22.00


Deodorizing Hair Brush Liner with Persimmon: Deodorizes hair with natural persimmon extract, a powerful antiseptic to fight off viruses (studied by Hiroshima University).

A “dry shampoo” that absorbs dirt, sprays and gels without harmful aerosols. The cotton is made from annual grass trees so it is free of deforestation and highly biodegradable.

Prevents static.

Vegan Friendly. Retail: $12.00


Autumn In Salem: There is a particular aroma in the air in Salem during Autumn. It is this peculiar, haunting, and oddly specific aroma that this evocative blend is based on. The smell of old houses, cool air, and leaves releasing their scent when crushed underfoot. A phantom of incense passes by and fuses the palette together against a backdrop of misting rain.

Retail: $20.00


CBD Eye Serum:

Prana Principle CBD Eye Serum helps nourish and renew the skin around the eyes. Made with broad spectrum hemp oil and essential oils, this formula is designed to visibly firm and smooth the delicate skin around the eyes. High in vitamin E and antioxidants, this serum diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and reduces puffiness.* It is perfect for all skin types.

Retail: $29.99


Nature’s hair mask is comprised of the highest quality natural ingredients. This truly pure recipe utilizes the most effective components of our beautiful earth to repair weak and brittle hair transforming it into a marvelous shine and luster. A delightful combination of argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, saw palmetto, and other truly pure extracts create an unrivaled repair treatment for your hair and scalp.

Retail: $25.95


YouBodyCare was founded on the idea that body wash could be more than what’s inside the bottle. That it could leave the smallest footprint on our waters by using powder-filled packets that break down, instead of plastic that pollutes. And it could be fun to wash with, feel like nothing else out there, and always smell amazing.

Our body care shower cleansing products use the powerful pod and powder method to deliver a cleansing experience unlike any other. At the beginning of the week, mix 3 packs of concentrate in the YouBodyPod™. Press the button to dispense and enjoy your experience!

Retail: $10.00 and up. Can't wait to try? Samples available in our next Book Box


Habibi NY is a luxury lifestyle brand. Habibi means my love in Arabic. Feminine, chic and iconic. Jasmine is the note that stands for a refined and regal aura of a woman who knows how to make a lasting impression.

A polished composition of exotic yet familiar; fruits, flowers, leather and wood impeccably blended for a fresh, modern, and clean scent.

Jasmine Oud takes you on an exotic journey of the senses. To some it may feel like ‘time travel’ with a modern twist. The timeless aroma of Jasmine will take many back to precious memories from the past, while warm spices, fresh greens, leather and musk keep you grounded into the modernity of today. Regal and Vibrant. Retail: $109.00 | Can't wait to try? Samples available in our next Book Box


Neero & Ana’s satin pillowcases are inspired by nature and made from plants. They’re breathable and work to keep ends from splitting, styles intact and help to keep hair hydrated and healthy. And if that weren’t enough…it’s super smart on skin by allowing facial moisturizers to remain on your face absorbed into your cotton pillowcase.

Neero & Ana has been in business since 2006, is woman owned and manufactures in New York City. Retail: $15.99 to $32.00

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