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Gifts for Weightlifters

by The Editors

Welcome to the world of weightlifting. So, what is it and why do people do it? Many people practice weightlifting on their own time outside of the competitive world as a way of staying healthy and in good shape. It’s pretty awesome when we meet someone and learn that they are very heavy into workouts and weightlifting. It can be both a turn-on and an inspiration for us to possibly want to get back in shape as well. While weightlifting is not the only option for weight loss – pilates, yoga, and hot yoga work well, too – it is not uncommon for most weightlifters to use specific equipment during their workouts.

Weightlifting can also be referred to as resistance training or strength training. If you’re not familiar at all with it and would like to get started, it may not be as hard as you think. Aside from asking your new beau for some assistance, it’s not uncommon for you to gift your bae with something he/she can find useful when practicing this hobby, and most importantly, perhaps you can both use it. Some popular exercises that are associated with weightlifting are squats, deadlifts, step-ups, pull-ups, chest flies, and planks, to name a few.

While weightlifting can change your life for the better, it is always nice to have a partner who cares. Someone who is thoughtful and invests in your hobby. We’ve compiled a list of wonderful products, including Weightlifting Belts, that we know will make a great gift for your weightlifting partner. A lot can be learned from weightlifting that can also transfer over into your relationship: learning the value of hard work, perseverance, and having the discipline to see things through to the end. Happy shopping!


The Better Band, Retail $29.99


Full spectrum training that fits in your backpack or purse. Use the Better Band for everything from activation during warmups to building the strong body you deserve. Having easy-to-use and versatile equipment means you can get a great workout with less time and frustration.

The Better Band won't rip, slip, pinch or roll up on you.

Uplift Food

A great product for male and female weightlifters could be a delicious Uplift Ultimate Snack Sampler bundle so they can enjoy the gut-loving, mood-supportive benefits of Gut Happy Cookies, Prebiotic Bliss Bites, and Prebiotic Puffs while keeping their carbohydrate intake low and their protein intake high! All these delicious snacks are plant-based, low in sugar, and proven to support gut, digestive, and immune health too!


DRILLS are boxing gloves you can love not just for their performance, but for their mission as well. Drills high-quality gloves are multi-use gloves for men, women, and children of all ability levels, that are named after boxing legend Phil “The Drill” Williams.

Revitalizing Serum, Retail $36.99

Madeca Derma

A rescue serum to visibly firm, hydrate and brighten skin.

The anti-aging serum is perfect for adding a nourishing layer before applying a moisturizer or make-up to give your skin a healthy glow all day

“We make a commitment to produce clean formulas and constantly look for ways to make our products greener” - Madeca Derma

Muscle Soak, Retail $28.00

Milk + Honey

What aches and pains? This potent arnica and eucalyptus-infused soak rejuvenates and invigorates weary limbs.

Pour one-quarter to one-third cup into a hot bath. Add a little more for extra sore muscles. Sit back and enjoy your happy place.

Contains Eucalyptus, Arnica, Rosemary, Sweet Marjoram


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