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How To Get Rid Of Double Chin

by Charles Clark, Sponsored Posts

It is very simple for fat to accumulate in the area under the chin which causes people to deal with double chin issues. Each body is different, and fat can accumulate in different areas specific for every person. However, most often, gaining weight will quickly result in a double chin. There are numerous ways of addressing this issue, although many of them are not as efficient as you would want them to be.

People often try dieting, doing chin exercises, or even turning to surgeries. The first two options can be suitable only for some people, and surgery is a very intrusive solution. One of the most effective and less intrusive options is Cool Sculpting because of its multiple advantages and the ability to freeze fat cells.

a woman with a double chin problem


There are several different causes. One of the most common is aging, as our skin becomes less elastic, it is easier for fat to accumulate in our bodies—especially under the chin. Besides, everyone has a different physique, and for some people, the area under the chin is the most problematic in this sense. Sometimes this can be caused genetically if your relatives tend to have less elastic skin.

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One of the most popular and efficient methods nowadays is Cool Sculpting double chin treatment. This solution for double chin removal is fast & easy because it is non-surgical and utilizes modern fat freezing technology. The cold sculpting treatments influence fat directly in chosen areas and work towards fat removal instead of simply tightening your skin for a short period. Cold temperatures freeze the fat depots and destroy them effectively over several courses. A device called Cool Mini is used for double chin removal because it is designed specifically for such small areas.



Dieting is a nice way to lose weight naturally. When burning fat overall, your double chin might also shrink or even disappear completely. Please note that diets should be discussed with a doctor for a healthy effect. Going on a diet without prior examination can be damaging to your health. Dieting is also not a recommended option for people with various heart issues, eating disorders, and some other conditions.

All of this needs to be considered during your medical consultation to figure out a specific diet that will suit you. After figuring out recommendations regarding the diet, you will need to follow them properly to see the effects eventually. Sticking to a diet can be difficult for a lot of people, as it requires time and patience.


Physical activity is always a great choice for keeping yourself in shape. Doing special face exercises is a way to have a strong chin and healthy, firm skin on the face and around your neck. However, a double chin can be a result of something else outside accumulating fat. In addition, facial exercises are much more effective in combination with loading other muscles. Going to the gym or engaging in sports you like will be a considerably better option for your health and faster double chin reduction.


There are various wrap applicators and straps designed for non-invasive double chin removal. These methods are usually ineffective, as they do not affect fat cells but only lift the skin for some time. Currently, the Gua Sha tool is a very popular option since it is used for applying ancient healing techniques. It is a Chinese technique of skin healing, which is becoming more and more widespread for its positive effect on the face skin. You can perform simple massages with a special jade tool, which will release tension and help contour your jawline a little.


The lymphatic drainage massage is a procedure that you can do at home to reduce some tension in your jaw and lift your skin a bit. It will not help you eliminate a double chin, although it can reduce puffiness. However, this massage is much more effective if done by a professional at a salon. Of course, not everyone can afford regular salon visits, which is why you can continue to do it at home.


Kybella is an injection treatment that uses deoxycholic acid to reduce a double chin. It is an FDA-approved technique and can be a good candidate if you consider injectables but do not want to use surgical methods like liposuction. Kybella is a technique based on mesotherapy. It is a fairly pricey solution, as each treatment can range from 1,000 to 2,000 dollars.

Nevertheless, people like this option for its fast and visible results. Some side effects might occur after the treatment, including swelling, numbness, pain in the treated area, etc. You should consult with your doctor to see if you have no contraindications for Kybella. This procedure might not be suitable for pregnant women, people with swallowing difficulties, and so on.

Illustration of double chins



Another way to get rid of your double chin is liposuction. Not everyone is ready to use this solution, as it is a surgical procedure. This method is intrusive, yet quite effective. Suction is used for removing fat from specific areas of your body, for instance, under the chin. This option will suit you if you want to remove the double chin extra quickly.

However, the procedure is not a way to lose overall weight. You will need to exercise and maintain a healthy diet to lose excess weight. Liposuction can be considered as an effective double chin reduction solution in case extra fat tends to accumulate in this area specifically and exercising does not help.


A healthy diet and engaging in regular physical activities can help to avoid double chin issues and maintain the body shape you want. Plastic surgery is rarely the only option to get rid of the problem. Of course, some people might have conditions that make excessive fat gather under the chin specifically—even while having a fit body. However, keeping your weight trim is a perfect approach in most cases.

If you want to remove your double chin more quickly and easily, Cool Sculpting is always a way out. It can help you in reducing the double chin and maintaining it in preferred good shape afterward. This method will not grant you a perfect chin in one week, although many patients can see visible results in three weeks already! In just a few months of non-intrusive and effective treatment, you will have a defined, beautiful chin and ultra-smooth skin.


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