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What To Keep In Your Wallet To Attract Money

by Kyla Cruz

Ready for a summer of wealth and abundance? Sure you are. We all are. Well, there are some amazing ways you can make this happen for yourself.

Naturally, when we think of things like the law of attraction our focus shifts to love, but did you know that you can attract more than just love into your life with the right manifestations and attitude? The way the law of attraction works is that the energy of your thoughts manifests your experiences.

So positive thoughts manifest positive experiences and vice versa. Something as simple as getting on food stamps or welfare is a vibration—please do not mistake this to mean anything negative. Of course, these resources are available for your use and it’s your money after all.

But before receiving these types of aid, think about what your thought process has to be. You have to believe that you are destitute and lacking versus wealthy and abundant. You’re already attracting that vibrational energy which oftentimes is the reason we can remain stagnant in life. Negative thinking is believed to attract negative experiences, but we all want desirable outcomes.

The law focuses on the idea that there are always things you can do to improve the present moment. For instance, on the first of every month, you can wash your hands with two quarters, salt, and cinnamon to attract money.

Cinnamon has been deemed by ancient Egyptians, Romans, occultists, spiritualists, and Ayurvedic practitioners as a healing agent with high vibrational qualities that attract prosperity and abundance to those who use this powerful spice. Because it's an antiseptic, it clears stagnation and blockages that keep abundance away from you.

Combine the salt and cinnamon into a bowl or container, drop two quarters inside, add water, and stir until the salt is dissolved. Begin the process of washing your hands with the mixture, making sure to cover all surfaces of your hands. Place your hands in the bowl or container of water and salt mixture, rub your hands together for about 30 seconds, and visualize money and prosperity coming into your life.

Feel yourself becoming prosperous and surrounded by financial abundance. Rinse your hands with clear water and dry them off with a towel. You can then pour the mixture away. While some may do this on the first of the month, others do it daily. Whichever you feel is best, that is what you can do.

Next, you want to always keep money in your wallet, it does not matter the amount. I always keep at least $3 in my wallet to the rear and about $5 in my car. The bills are stretched out and never crumpled or folded. Remember, money is only going to come to you when it sees that you already have it and you are treating what you do have tenderly and with care. Never keep ripped-up bills around—you can go to the bank and request a replacement.

Another thing to keep in your wallet to attract money is playing cards. Yep, you read that right. Certain cards have a particular pull when it comes to attracting money. You may want to keep an ace of clubs and an ace of diamonds. Mine are kept in the same area as the $3 I mentioned earlier. You do not have to do that, but I like to keep things organized.

Money is not real. In addition to watching what is in your wallet, you want to practice removing verbal blockages from your life. This can be something as simple as saying, “I am broke, I have no money.” Instead, say something like, “My money is tied up in investments right now.

Another popular blockage is saying things like, “I don’t have any money to give you.” Instead, replace that with, “I do not have money available for lending at this time.” Do you hear the difference? You never want to speak down about yourself or your finances. You are always abundant, you are wealthy and you are financially independent. The only thing you have to do is believe it.

Believe it or not saying things like, “I am saving for a rainy day” is also a verbal blockage. Saving should never be for an emergency, otherwise you will attract them and the next thing you know your money is going out into unexpected expenses. When you’re saving make sure it is for something specific and say it out loud.

“I am saving for a home.”

“I am saving for a car.”

“I am saving for retirement.”

Whatever you do watch the words that you are speaking, words do have power. Otherwise, nothing else will matter. The cards, money, or hand washing will all be pointless if the other things are not being done simultaneously. So, what are your limiting beliefs about money? Do you think that if it's gone then that is it? Do you have the knowledge and the will to attract money?

Once you begin this journey you will for sure notice some changes, but it all starts with you and what your key desires are. Some of us want millions while others simply want to be comfortable. Also, take into account your personality.

If you are not wishing abundance onto others then you will not have it for yourself. Please note, that if these things are not working for you then it is simply because your heart is not yet in the right place. You must be spiritually aligned to be blessed with the gifts that this universe has to offer, without that it is simply greed, and that will never be rewarded.

So before you start, take a moment and ask yourself, “Why do I want to attract money into my life?”


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