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MSCHF's Big Red Boots: The Fall Staple

by Samara Harris

Image Credit: MSCHF

In the dynamic realm of New York Fashion Week, standout designer pieces emerge each year, capturing the collective admiration of the fashion crowd. Last season, the Prada logo tank tops and minimalist strappy heels from The Row commanded attention. However, the recent week witnessed a shift in spotlight, as the delicate charm of Manolos was overshadowed by a single shoe destined for viral fame: MSCHF’s commanding red boots, aptly named the Big Red Boot.

For those unfamiliar with MSCHF, it is an experimental fashion brand known for its audacious product releases that often carry a significant statement, occasionally of a controversial nature. Among their creations are boots resembling medical casts, Birkenstock-style sandals ingeniously crafted from Hermès Birkin bags, and even the famed Satan sneakers in collaboration with Lil Nas X, which incorporated a drop of authentic blood within the shoe soles.

The brand revels in pushing the boundaries of fashion, striving to generate headlines and provoke discussions. Their latest launch, reminiscent of something Super Mario might don, has just made its debut. Priced at $350, these boots, crafted from TPU rubber and an EVA mid-outsole, draw design inspiration from the world of video games. The boots are playfully described in the brand's press release: "Cartoonishness is an abstraction that frees us from the constraints of reality. If you kick someone in these boots, they go boing!"

During New York Fashion Week, these audacious boots garnered attention from celebrities and street style icons alike. Dorian Electra, a notable figure in the music industry, was captured by Vogue's street style photographer Phil Oh wearing the boots. They were paired with a graphic coat, a mini skirt to fully showcase the footwear, and a coordinating red beret.

Model Sarah Snyder elegantly matched them with a glossy red skirt and white tights, while TikTok sensation and model Wisdom Kaye adopted a sporty look, combining the boots with athletic shorts. A unanimous sentiment emerged: allowing the bold boots to take center stage, given their undeniable capacity to seize attention.

Interestingly, the fascination with these outlandish boots extended beyond the fashion sphere. The boots found their way onto various celebrities. Basketball player Shai Gilgeous-Alexander sported them en route to an arena, Diplo chose them for a Knicks game, and even Janelle Monae, known for her eclectic style, ventured to play basketball in them. Given their impractical and unconventional nature, it's quite astonishing to witness the speed and widespread embrace they garnered within the fashion world, even before their official release.

These boots are undoubtedly a commitment to wear; numerous TikTok videos showcased the workout required to put them on and take them off. However, if there's one thing the fashion community relishes, it's a well-executed gimmick, and these boots certainly succeeded in sparking conversations and earning attention throughout the season. Those bold enough to don these unconventional shoes earn extra points for their audacious spirit. Yet, as the cycles of fashion predict, it's entirely conceivable that these boots, like a Nintendo 64 console, may face obsolescence by the following season.


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