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Q&A: Persia's Glo: It's all about growing and glowing

An Exclusive Interview by Lisa K. Stephenson

Welcome to Persia’s Glo, the YouTuber who recently made some changes to her channel in hopes to “…inspire ladies that growing is something we all must face in any and everything we do.” Here at She’s SINGLE Magazine we had the chance to catch up with the beauty blogger who amicably refers to herself as being the sister you never had. Her tagline, “Let’s Grow and Glow Together” is exactly how we feel as we work to empower women from all over the country.

In a very sincere interview we asked Persia to tell us a little bit about herself and her goals as a YouTuber, but first we had to ask the young entrepreneur about her love life to which she happily exclaimed, “I am actually not single. I am currently in a relationship with someone special who supports and pushes me to always reach for the most stars no matter how high they may seem.” When our BOLDBoss ladies tell us how elated they are in their unions it brings us a strong sense of joy. A partner that is encouraging and helpful to you as a woman is vital and vice versa.

Maintaining a strong relationship and a clear vision of her future goals, Persia expresses that recently she decided a change was necessary, citing in her YouTube bio filled with emoji hearts that she will never stop growing and glowing—considering this to be one of her mottos, “I always try to find the beauty in the flaws, embracing hardships, continuing to have faith as little as a mustard seed and to always know what I want.

I know what I desire out of life but, truly I want nothing more than to create generational wealth for my family, to be the first in my family to do it and to carry that with humbleness at all cost.” A smile as vibrant as the morning sun, Persia shows us just how committed she is to her goals, with a new video every 2-4 days from fashion to beauty, she is versatile.

About PersiaGlo, Persia says, “My channel is a reflection of who I am as an individual. I’m your everyday curly fro chick who loves all things beauty and lifestyle. I’ve grown so much as a content creator within the last four years that I have been on YouTube. I started this platform to showcase my various talents and the knowledge I’ve gained throughout the years, also to help people grow in every aspect; hair, lifestyle, beauty or growing in faith with me. I aspire to be the light God wants me to be in hopes that those around me see that,” exclaims Persia lifting her hand to the ceiling.

“I’ve been able to marry all this together by showing consistency to reveal that when you are truly passionate about something you don’t give in, lose faith or take the short route as work without faith is dead.” Amen.

Read the complete interview this summer - The First Impressions Issue, She's SINGLE Magazine


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