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Stores Like Sephora: Shopping Away the Valentine's Day Blues

by Karla Matt

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. We know, it can be hard on some singles, but please make no mistake, we’ve got your back, sister!

There are numerous things you can do to enjoy the holiday and make it about you versus having a romantic partner in your life. 85% of what you see on social media is not real—some women have admitted to buying themselves flowers and gifts on Valentine’s Day, but pretend to get them from a significant other. We are by no means judging, but simply pointing out that the pressure of the outside world can be daunting; enough to make even the wisest of us do unfathomable things.

This year is different, we’re here to help you see it through and give you some top advice as well as suggestions on things you can do to make the holiday feel just as special.

For starters, an exciting thing to do on Valentine’s Day is set a goal that each year you’re going to use that day to book a trip, set plans for a vacation, or get tickets to The Manhattan Dinner.

The festival is held annually in Redlands, CA, and is a great chance for you to connect with other singles, meet a potential partner, and overall build your self-esteem by listening to the wise words of educated relationship coaches from around the world. All of this, including the benefit of watching some of your favorite music artists performing live. Oh, and did I mention food? Great food, great gifts, and just an amazing time overall.

Make no mistake booking a trip can take up only a small fraction of the day, what about the other 8-10 hours? You can cope with the Valentine’s Day blues through self-reflection activities such as meditation.

According to Chardè Hollins, Founder of Relevant Connections, “We’ve redefined gender roles, beauty standards, and misogynous societal norms, so why not Valentine’s Day? In a world where depression is high and the pressures of life are ever mounting, shouldn’t there be one day dedicated to everyone simply celebrating themselves? Insert V-day! A day to center self and reflect on the awesome person you are. Reframing its meaning eliminates unnecessary expectations, promotes self-love, and offers another opportunity to treat yourself.” We couldn’t agree more.

If you decide to take the day to focus on yourself, your options for self-improvement are endless. In addition to the aforementioned, you can take this day to shop around your favorite online stores to gather some amazing products. I don’t know about you, but shopping makes me happy. I am somewhat of a product junkie.

Stores like Sephora, SemiCircle Beauty, Ulta Beauty, and Target are great places to find some hidden gems. To get started, I recommend the Lightbulb Vitamin C Serum. A waterless daily brightening serum that evens and enhances skin tone and texture—contains no sulfates, no silicones, no essential oils, and no drying alcohols.

Instead of sulking, spend some time with your inner child, making him or her happy. The moment you stop relying on others for happiness is when you will see a shift in your mindset and your overall aura. This change can positively impact those around you.

Codependency has become a major issue in many relationships—especially in today’s climate. It’s not uncommon for someone to date or marry someone else who they can take from, while the other becomes a giver in all aspects. To recognize this you should consider dating yourself, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to start.

Hollins says, “Many wish for a life partner but fail to use the time alone to fully learn themselves. Yes, a desired partner will come, but do you realize that once you’re with someone you’ll never be alone again?! Think about that…now is the perfect time to prioritize dating yourself, it may be the only time you have to enjoy the simple beauties of you.”

Valentine’s Day although originally intended to be a day of celebrating new or true love, has spread across to family and friends (Galentine’s Day). So, if you’re in the mood to treat yourself don’t overthink it. You are your first true love and you have to be with yourself every single day. You deserve the world even if you have to give it to yourself.

When you decide on Valentine’s Day what you’re going to do to lift your spirits, think of the many ways you can make yourself happy on that day and in the days ahead. Be prepared to think outside of the box and if you must disconnect for the day, do it.

No social media.

Stay in touch with those closest to you like friends and family and as I mentioned earlier shop some sales. Ulta Beauty finds we love, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette Vault is just $70.00. Plus, try the NYX Milky Gloss Hydrating Vegan Lip Gloss for $8.50.

Happy Valentine’s Day Missies and we hope you have a good one.


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