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That Sexting Selfie Sent to You by an OnlyFans Star Could Be Fake, Here is Why

by Pearl Arousr, Sponsored Posts

If there’s one thing that you should know about the girls you subscribe to on OnlyFans it’s the fact that it’s extremely expensive for them to be on the site, let alone popular. It’s not a matter of simply having to pay a monthly subscription fee, it’s much more complicated than that. First off, it’s a very common thing to hear about landlords finding their tenants on OnlyFans and immediately raising their rent.

Why Are You Not Supposed to Sext with a Real Person On OF?

  • Why you are getting fake selfies while sexting with OF stars

  • The work gets contracted out

  • They hire guys to sext with you

  • Legit sites have real ladies looking for fun

Why You Are Getting Fake Selfies While Sexting With OF Stars

Not only do the landlords assume their tenants are making more money than they claim, but they also think they should pay more for the privilege of using their homes for sex work. On top of that, every single model has to pay a portion of her income directly to the site and it just gets higher and higher as time goes by. This all comes together to mean that every OnlyFans model has to make more money than she possibly could by herself. They can’t just go without an income, so that’s why that sext selfie you just got is fake.

The Work Gets Contracted Out

Since the girls have to make more money than they can alone, they have to hire other people to make it for them. These people end up getting a fraction of what the models make, then those models have to pay another percentage to OnlyFans.

It’s a very common practice for the big-name models to pay other people to pose as them. You can read all about it on The Verge, if you want. Even though you’re seeing the girl you want on the profile, she’s just not going to have the time to talk to every single guy that wants to sext with her.

They Hire Guys to Sext With You

The vast majority of those guys are going to be talking to the contractors instead of the women they wanted to talk to in the first place. On top of that, most of those contractors are men. It’s much easier for a guy to come up with a sext message that another guy would like and it makes sense. The next time you think about sexting with a porn star, just think about the fact that you’re going to be getting off with another man and you might just want to change your mind.

Legit Sites Have Real Ladies Looking for Fun

The best thing to do is to just stop going to OnlyFans. It’s good for you and it’s good for the girls. If the income the site is getting drops off then they’ll have to reconsider how they’re doing things.

More importantly, you can find a better site where you’re actually sexting with the women you want to talk to. Your best bet is to spend your time on Arousr instead. This is a site that’s only around to let amateur women find horny men to sext with and that’s it. The girls don’t have the kind of traffic that the porn stars have.

That means they can do all of the work themselves and sext with whoever wants to play around with them. It’s also still about the pleasure for them. They get to sext with strangers and that’s what turns them on. It’s why they seek out the site in the first place. They want to have fun and this is a much better place for them to have it where they don’t have to compete with porn stars. Do these girls a favor and give them your filthiest sexting fantasies as soon as you can!


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