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13 Unique Anniversary Ideas

by Anne Buerano, Sponsored Posts

You and your partner will spend another year together, and you’d want this year’s anniversary to be more memorable than the last. But with the number of years you’ve been together, planning for a perfect anniversary date can be tough—you’re likely out of ideas!

There are many ways to celebrate an anniversary, and most of these don’t require thousands of dollars. You can throw the most unforgettable anniversary date regardless of how busy you are or how limited your budget is. Remember, anniversary dates are all about the effort you put into it.

If you’re running out of options, take note of the tips and draw inspirations from the information below, so you can throw the finest anniversary date for the best person in your life:


Use your anniversary as an opportunity to let the world know how special your partner is by posting your best picture on social media. Depending on your preferences, you can write a cheesy message as a caption for the photo or post the photo alone.

Exert effort in taking the best photo months or weeks leading to your anniversary date. You can check out this guide on dating photography to learn some of the best tricks in taking high-quality photos of you and your partner.


Being an adult can be tiresome. You and your partner might spend the entire day working or taking care of the kids that you’ll only get to catch up at night. In some instances, you or your partner might even doze off hours after arriving home that there’s no more time to talk.

For your next anniversary, treat yourselves to a spa day. Being pampered together is a unique anniversary date that comes with so many health benefits. Both of you can get massages, facials, and even body wraps. End the day by spending time in a private Jacuzzi and just talking about anything under the sun.

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Can’t get enough of your partner singing? Or feel that your partner still hasn’t heard you sing? Whatever the case may be, renting out a karaoke bar for your anniversary date is always a great idea. You can use this opportunity to let your partner belt out high notes or woo your partner with your singing skills.

Ideally, it’s best to rent out a private room at a karaoke bar ahead of time. If you want to take it up a notch, you can throw in some decors in the room and blindfold your partner as they enter. Talk about a unique and fun anniversary date!


You and your partner likely have a theme song associated with the fondest memories about the relationship. The lyrics to this song might perfectly describe what you feel towards your partner or how your partner feels towards you.

Celebrate your next anniversary together by seeing your theme song being sung by the original artist. Plan ahead of time by checking out the artist’s website, as concert details are often posted online. The concert tickets can cost a few bucks, but every single dollar will surely be worth it!


Sure, your anniversary might only be one day, but who says you can only celebrate it on that day? If you’re looking for a unique way of celebrating this year’s anniversary, pick a theme to follow for an entire month.

For example, if your partner is into films and movies, you can alternate watching box-office hits at home or visiting nearby theaters. If your partner loves to try out exotic dishes, look for recipes online and cook together every other night or weekend. If your partner loves history, you can visit museums or go all out and dress like the Renaissance era and attend a Renaissance fair party.


Not every couple has the time to go away on a weekend vacation. Some are too busy that they only get to spend a couple of hours together on the actual anniversary date. If both of you are busy but have the same schedule for that day, you can still throw the most memorable date.

Another way to celebrate your anniversary is to prepare breakfast in bed for your partner. Think about their favorite breakfast staples and wake up extra early to prepare all of these. Your partner will surely have a great mood the entire day if they see how much effort you’ve put into making the perfect pancakes, scrambled eggs, and croissants.


You don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy a change of scenery—getting a room at a nearby hotel is often enough. Stay-cationing with your partner is a great way to spend an anniversary as the two of you can simply relax and get away from the hustles and bustles of life.

Unlike going on trips abroad, a staycation is more affordable and saves you from airport stress. Moreover, the lesser time you spend traveling, the more quality time you’ll get to spend with your significant other.


While some couples love to spend their time together indoors, others would prefer to bask in the great outdoors. If you belong to the latter, spend your next anniversary date camping in the middle of the wilderness.

For a romantic camping date, don’t forget to bring some of your coziest pillows and blankets. It’s also important to bring a wireless speaker to set the mood and a thermos to stay warm in the evening. You can also pack special meals in small containers (try bacon and eggs or fruit parfaits) and enjoy them with your partner as you’re gazing at the stars.


Your first date is one of the most important moments in the relationship. This was probably when the two of you decided to make things ‘official’ and even shared your first kiss as a couple. For your next anniversary date, why not take a trip down memory lane and recreate the magic of your first date?

Whether it was sharing a meal in the best restaurants in your city or spending time at your local skating rink, going back to your first date spot is always a great anniversary date idea. You can even spice things up by meeting up at the venue instead of driving there together.


Anniversary dates don’t have to involve two people only. If you want to show appreciation to the people who helped you get through the challenges of the relationship, host a dinner party and invite them over.

If your time permits, you and your partner can cook some of your guests’ favorite meals and prepare some cocktails as well. To keep the conversation going for hours, ask your guests to share some stories about you, your partner, and the relationship during dinner. This way, you can see how important your support system is in maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner.


If you have been with your partner for a couple of years, chances are, you have already visited almost all of the restaurants, theme parks, and beaches near your area. This could be the reason you're struggling to surprise your partner with something new for your anniversary.

For a memorable anniversary date this year, do an adrenaline-inducing activity together. This is one of the most unique dates you can ever have that's sure to reignite the bond and strengthen the relationship.

Some of the most adventurous activities you can do for your anniversary date are bungee jumping, white water rafting, and mountain climbing. You can even go all out for this year's anniversary by sky diving together!


Spending time with your partner while sharing good food and breathtaking views is a great anniversary date. But instead of having a picnic at the park, why not have one on the rooftop?

Having a rooftop picnic is a great idea, especially if you and your partner are often busy during the daytime. You can simply order food from your favorite restaurant, spread out a blanket on the roof, and gaze at the stars together.

If you want to create a more romantic ambiance, spread some rose petals on the blanket and decorate the space with candles. Don't forget to bring your favorite bottle of wine.


Do you both like to go on road trips? For your anniversary date, take it up a notch by going on a spontaneous vacation. Instead of booking tickets and accommodation ahead of time, throw a dart at a map to determine where you're heading for your anniversary date.

If you have a tight budget or schedule, you can limit options by using a regional or state map. If you're going all out for this year's anniversary, go ahead and use a world map.

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When deciding which tip to follow, consider your partner’s preferences. Does your partner love to stay outdoors, or do they prefer to cuddle at home? Is your partner outgoing or more reserved? You know your partner better than anyone else, so plan the most memorable anniversary date based on what you think they’d like. Of course, you’ll have to consider your preferences too. Agree on an anniversary date and celebrate another year with one of the most important persons in your life.


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