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Coach Reveals Jayson Tatum as Their Latest Brand Ambassador

by Samara Morris

In a move that seamlessly blends sports and style, Coach proudly announces NBA sensation Jayson Tatum as the newest ambassador for the iconic fashion house.

Photography Credit: Charlie Engman

With a campaign launching today showcasing the Spring 2024 watches and sunwear collection, Coach embarks on a journey of Expressive Luxury, rooted in its Courage to Be Real mission. Tatum, renowned for his prowess on the basketball court and his commitment to making a difference off it, embodies the essence of Coach's ethos—authentic self-expression with confidence. As a multi-time All-NBA First Team selection and the founder of The Jayson Tatum Foundation, dedicated to empowering underprivileged communities, Tatum's journey mirrors Coach's spirit of optimism and resilience.

Reflecting on the partnership, Tatum expressed, "This partnership is a bit of a full circle moment for me. I'm always trying to push my own limits, and I look forward to working with a brand, like Coach, which celebrates this."

Coach's Creative Director, Stuart Vevers, echoed Tatum's sentiments, emphasizing the alignment between Tatum's values and Coach's vision. "Jayson is an inspiring individual who captures the spirit of confidence and authentic self-expression at the heart of Coach," said Vevers. "I admire his dedication to his community, as well as how he explores and celebrates who he is through his personal style."

As part of the Spring 2024 campaign, set against dreamy pastel landscapes, Tatum makes his debut in photography, showcasing the Jackson Watch—a fusion of style and functionality—and the Gradient Keyhole Square Sunglasses, reimagining Coach's heritage with a modern twist. These pieces epitomize Coach's legacy of craft, infused with the vibrant attitude of today's generation.

Photography Credit: Charlie Engman

Founded in New York in 1941, Coach has become synonymous with timeless elegance and contemporary style. Inspired by the inclusivity and courage of its hometown, the brand celebrates individuality through beautifully crafted pieces designed to last. Coach's partnership with Jayson Tatum signals a new chapter in its commitment to storytelling, championing fashion as a platform for courageous self-expression.

"We are thrilled to welcome Jayson to the Coach family," said Vevers. "His journey mirrors the values we hold dear, and we are excited to explore Coach's fashion language through the lens of his story and style."

As Jayson Tatum embarks on this exciting new chapter with Coach, the fashion world eagerly anticipates the transformative impact of this collaboration. Together, they are poised to redefine the boundaries of Expressive Luxury, inspiring individuals to embrace their true selves with confidence and grace.

Coach is a Tapestry, Inc. brand, publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker TPR.


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