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Exclusive: Tasha K., Potential Successor to Icon, Wendy Williams

Interview by Stephanie E.

Introducing Tasha K., a dynamic Media Personality and Entertainer who has captivated audiences with her engaging presence and controversial content.

With an entertainment background, Tasha K. has carved her own unique path in the media landscape.

Known for her insightful commentary and fearless approach to addressing various topics, she has become a prominent voice in the digital sphere. Through her captivating shows and online platforms, Tasha K. offers a fresh perspective on celebrity controversies, and much more. Let's delve into the world of Tasha K., a multifaceted talent who is redefining media conversations.

SSM (1): Hello Tasha, thank you for joining us for a chat here at She's SINGLE. I'm thrilled that our readers will have the opportunity to learn more about you and why we see you as a potential successor to Wendy Williams.

Wendy Williams carved her place in the industry with the launch of her iconic talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, on July 14, 2008. Since then, she's garnered both adoration and criticism, much like yourself, I must say. Could you please share a bit about what motivated you to start your now controversial show, Unwine With Tasha K?

Tasha K.: Thanks for having me! It’s an honor! I love women such as yourself in boss positions! Well shout-out to the goat Wendy! There is only one Wendy Williams! There will never be one like her. My prayers are with her on a speedy recovery! As for me, I just love to entertain. I do comedy, commentary, skits, think pieces, I do it all!

I’ve always wanted to be a Radio Dj but couldn’t land a permanent gig! The ones I wanted were all filled! So I took to the internet in 2016 to do what I love! Which is commentary that makes the viewers laugh! If you aren’t laughing, I’m not doing my job.

SSM (2): Amid the numerous headlines covering your legal dispute with the renowned rapper Cardi B, how do you view the potential scenario in which journalists could encounter legal consequences for disseminating news through their media platforms? Do you believe this situation could potentially undermine journalistic integrity?

Tasha K.: Journalists have always faced legal ramifications. However, I’m not a journalist. This was the first time a self-made entertainment reporter/ Blogger was held liable in the public eye. Outlets are sued all the time and most of the time we loose or often settle.

Every publisher has published something that was inaccurate, been sued, they retract and move forward. This comes with the territory. And besides, I’m an entertainer.. Not a Journalist. As long as I’m remaining true to me entertaining my audience, which I have, everything will be fine & has been fine..

SSM (3): How did the name for your show come about initially?

Tasha K.: My viewers, who call themselves the “Winos or WinoGang” came up with our name UNWINEWITHTASHAK because I would sip wine and give my hilarious perspective on trending topics and breaking stories.

SSM (4): Given your outspoken nature, do you think you would be asked to dial back if offered an on-air opportunity? If this were to ever be the case, would you oblige? If so, why?

Tasha K.: Of course! I love what I do. In this field we always have to make adjustments in order to secure the bag. So yes, or course. I’m funny all the time.

SSM (5): Apart from celebrity news, what do you aspire to be recognized for? As a fashion icon, producer, or for your philanthropic endeavors? Could you provide more details about these aspects of your life?

Tasha K.: I wish I could answer but I don’t like revealing things about myself unless I’ve already accomplished them. I don’t like to limit myself and I love to remain open to whatever opportunities come my way. I’m just beginning. But if I’m forced to answer, I just want to be that person that makes people live, laugh, & learn.

SSM (6): What would you say to those who believe you are against the empowerment of women? What steps have you taken to debunk this rumor?

Tasha K.: I’m a woman, and I’m empowered. So how could I be against something that I represent? Those are naysayers that obviously don’t watch my shows! I say fuck them! I helped advocate and highlighted how R. Kelly was abusing our young black girls, and exposed Wendy Williams Husband Secret Love Child. If that ain’t women empowerment then I don’t know what is...

SSM (7): Could you share some insights into your family life? As a mother and wife, what are the challenges you face in balancing your career and home life, if any?

Tasha K.: I have two children; a 16 year old young woman and 4 year old young man. They are my world. They come first. I will cancel shows if they have something to do. I’m

a helicopter mom, my daughter calls me. As for now my son is living in my husband’s home country of Mali with our parents.

They are instilling the culture of where he comes from in him. He speaks 3 languages. He will be back home next year. My challenges are similar to what any other parents go through with a teenager and toddler. However, my kids are overall great kids.. I embrace a good challenge.

SSM (8): Charismatic and controversial are two adjectives we like to use to describe you. It takes thick skin to do what you do and to do it with a smile. Has there ever been a topic or interview you've conducted where you feared the outcome, such as how it would be received by the general public? If so, which ones?

Tasha K.: Well thank you! And yes! Doing what I do involves the lives of real people, I’m always worried how these stories will be received to the viewers and also how the viewers will take being judged in the worlds eyes. So, to answer your question, all of them because you never know how it will ultimately affect the person being highlighted...we are all human.

SSM (9): Did you always intend to become a journalist? If not, what was your first career choice? If yes, who or what motivated you?

Tasha K.: I’m not a Journalist and no intention on becoming one. Becoming a media personality/entertainer was always my first choice.

SSM (10): What advice can you share with aspiring journalists? Also, if you could change one thing from your past, what would it be?

Tasha K.: I’m not a journalist, but if they want to be a journalist, go to school and become one. But for someone who wants to be a creator, just be! Just be you!

SSM (11): What is your zodiac sign?

Tasha K.: Lawd- a Pisces

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