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How To Tell If You Have Chemistry With Someone

by Stephanie Elaine

Photo by Marx Ilagan from Pexels

We have all been there before, you’re with a special someone but you’re unsure of whether or not that person feels the same way about you. It can be super stressful being stuck in your head trying to read into subtle gestures to see if that someone likes you back. Instead of dissecting the way they look at you when you bite into your sandwich or if they text you enough times in an hour, other signals can let you know if they feel the same way about you.



It’s normal to feel nervous. You don’t want to say the wrong things and you want to give off the impression that you are unbothered to be in their company, but those butterflies you’re feeling in your stomach are a good thing! Don’t stress about feeling nervous because nerves aren’t always a negative thing.

This shows that the feelings you have for this person bring a sense of excitement to your life. Being near their energy is making your body produce a response; this is not something that just happens. Stop Worrying about if your hair looks good or if your shoes match your outfit, just get to know that person’s heart and live in the moment.


Some of us are guilty of being undeniable flirts, but when you find someone you have a connection with, the flirting will be endless. You may catch each other flirting and maybe even get a little too touchy during moments that would seem so dull otherwise. When you have chemistry with someone you can’t resist him or her.

You feel fireworks just from a simple hand touch or staring into each other’s eyes a few seconds longer. Eye contact is the simplest way to flirt without talking; your eyes can speak for you. Ask yourself, when you look into that person’s eyes do they make you feel in love? You will feel drawn to that person at all times even just by a glance.



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Trust is something that is not given. Trust is something you earn. If you feel like you can tell that person anything without feeling like they will judge you or look at you differently, that is a telltale sign you have chemistry. Better yet, you don’t feel the need to check their phone for any sort of lies because you know that person would never hurt you.

Trusting someone and feeling safe go hand and hand and it is one of the greatest combinations you can receive from someone. Security and honesty are hard to come by in today’s dating climate so when you find someone that makes you feel this way, you just know you have something special with that person.


That spark between the two of you will cause you to only have eyes for them. You listen to everything they have to say while tuning out the world around you. There’s no outside force putting a damper on your connection with this particular person. You feel like you are united.


You may find yourself thinking about a friend with who you want more than a friendship or someone with who you had an instant connection from the day you met them. Whoever it is, if you can relate their behavior to these signs you need to take things to the next level!

If somebody makes you feel the aforementioned signs, you no doubt have chemistry that you need to further explore with that individual. It can be nerve-racking to have the “what are we” conversation but you do not want to fill your life with what-if moments. You have to take chances at some point in time and if you have an inkling that this person is more than a friend you need to at least say you attempted to take it further.

Start with an honest discussion of what each of you want from one another, a relationship, a friendship, or friends with benefits? You can have chemistry in any capacity and that is something only you two can determine.


Having chemistry with someone does not occur with every person you encounter. When you find someone who makes you feel happy and in the right place you will know! You may feel anxious to be in their presence, so much so, you get shaky or stumble on your words.

You can even be bold and show an extra flirty side of yourself when you hang out with this man or woman. If you can relate to this, the most important thing you can do is stop wondering if that person feels the same way and just pursue them already!

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