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How to Wear an Oversized T-Shirt Without Cutting It

by Kimberly Perez

Every woman has an oversized blouse or T-shirt in her wardrobe that is mostly worn as a lounging or sleeping shirt at home. Make the most out of your wardrobe by incorporating this piece of clothing into your everyday look. Here are some ways that you can make this oversized shirt look cute without the hassle of cutting it.


Front, back, side knots, we love them all. Gather and hold the excess fabric on one side of your shirt and make a knot. You can even use a rubber band or a cute hair tie to keep the extra material to the side. Add an extra stylish touch by using a short scarf to cover the hair tie. Wear it as a crop top with a front knot, letting the knot sit on your navel area. You can adjust the length of the top you are wearing by changing the size of the knot you made on the shirt. If you want to hide the knot, you can tuck it under the T-shirt. Alternatively, you can tie a knot at the back for a clean look at the front.


Play with the buttons of your shirt to add a unique look to your outfit, whether it be leaving the lower ones unbuttoned to show off those rock-hard abs or intentionally misbuttoning to highlight different angles. Wear your button-up with a cute bralette! Let your lacy number show for a pop of soft femininity. Make it easy and just wear it unopened, showing off your cute tube or crop top.


Use a cute belt or chain to cinch your waist and create a mini dress. Think Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City when she wore Mr. Big's shirt at home with a Hermes belt. Wear your oversized shirt with shorts or Spanx that are not visible under the shirt, wearing a belt or chain on top. Accentuate your tiny waist by wearing a color that pops. Slap on lipstick, heels, and go! Complete this look by wearing thigh-high boots. Add any jewelry or a jacket to enhance the look or roll up the sleeves for even more style. Alternatively, style your blouse with a waspie to add an even more feminine touch.


Show off your sexy shoulders by wearing your shirt shrugged off one shoulder or both! Let the neckline fall down your shoulders to create a cute off-the-shoulder look.


Wear your full outfit for the day. Raise the front of your shirt and insert your hand to the base of your bra. Hold your oversize T-shirt at this point and pull some fabric into your hand. Twist and pull this fabric, then tie it with a tie. The front part of the shirt will sit comfortably over your jeans, creating a cute design at the tummy level. With another tie, tie a knot at the back of the shirt. This makes the back look like the front. Tuck this knot into the shirt or leave it hanging. And just like that, this makes your oversize shirt cute and wearable.


Tuck it under your bralette and into your skirt/pants/shorts (pull to avoid bulge). Tuck in the sleeves to create a muscle shirt look, giving off the illusion of padded shoulders. You can complement this look with a blazer or a cardigan. We love the oversized shirt and tulle maxi look!


Layer your oversized blouse under a bomber/denim jacket/blazer and throw on some booties. Accessorize with either an oversized clutch or a cross-body bag. Add an extra stylish touch to your outfit by wearing a cropped sweater vest, bralette, or any sweater on top of your shirt.

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Wear your shirt with your preferred bottoms. Take the front part of your shirt and gather the excess fabric together in one hand. At the end of the excess fabric, tie a scarf as close to your body as possible. Tuck the remaining fabric of the T-shirt underneath it. The scarf will hold the fabric in place, ensuring that it does not fall off as you move around.


Wear biker shorts, shades, and your favorite pair of sneakers for a casual athleisure look. Style it with a stylish fanny pack to cinch the waist. Effortlessly chic!


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