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Jordan Craig Claims Tristan Thompson Owes $224,000 in Child Support for Their Son Prince

by Venus Sanders

Jordan Craig, the former partner of NBA star Tristan Thompson, has made claims that Thompson is falling behind on child support payments, allegedly owing her nearly $224,000 for the support of their 6-year-old son, Prince.

Image Credit: Joseph Okpako / Contributor / Getty Images

These allegations were outlined in a declaration filed by Craig in a Los Angeles court last month and recently obtained by She's SINGLE.

According to Craig, Thompson, aged 32, has been either making partial child support payments or completely missing them since November 2022, resulting in the substantial debt of $224,000. It was reported in August that Thompson and Craig had reached an agreement in April 2019, stipulating that he would provide her with a monthly support payment of $40,000.

During this period, the NBA athlete was earning $17.7 million annually while playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. At that time, he only had one other child, his 5-year-old daughter True, whom he shares with his former partner Khloé Kardashian.

Thompson later became the father of two more children, with one being Theo from a relationship with Maralee Nichols (to whom he pays $10,000 per month for child support), born in December 2021, and the other being Tatum, whom he shares with Khloé Kardashian and who was born in July 2022.

In her court filing, Jordan Craig presented a list of payments received during the 10-month period, indicating that Thompson sent $20,000 in November, paid in full in December, and sent no payment in January. From February to July, he made six payments of $14,500. In August, he sent her $29,000.

Tristan Thompson returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier in the year after playing for several other teams, including the Boston Celtics, the Sacramento Kings, the Indiana Pacers, the Chicago Bulls, and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Craig is now seeking the court's assistance in withholding a portion of Thompson's income from the Cavaliers, totaling $80,000 each month, with the aim of maintaining these payments until the accumulated debt is fully satisfied.

She commented, "It is my belief that Tristan signed a ‘veteran's minimum’ contract with the Cavaliers that pays him $2.7 million per year. The $80,000 request is certainly less than half of his monthly salary."

In a related matter, Jordan's sister, Kai Craig, publicly accused Tristan Thompson of neglecting his parental responsibilities towards Prince. In an extensive Instagram statement, she expressed her frustration with Thompson's behavior, stating that she had refrained from speaking out for over seven years out of respect for her sister's privacy.

Her comments came shortly after Kim Kardashian, Khloé's sister, praised Tristan Thompson's parenting skills in an episode of Hulu's "The Kardashians," highlighting how he had "stepped up" when he noticed Khloé "struggling" with her own children.


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