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Scott Disick's Unusual Birthday Wish: A Desire for Intimacy with Khloé Kardashian

by Venus Sanders

Scott Disick celebrated his 40th birthday with a grown-up birthday wish, as hinted at during a recent episode of Hulu's "The Kardashians." The reality TV star indicated that he was embracing his new decade with the possibility of a casual connection with Khloé Kardashian, who is 39 years old.

Image Credit: Chris Weeks / Stringer / Getty Images

This all transpired when Khloé Kardashian accompanied Scott Disick, who is also the father of her sister Kourtney's children, to Sports Rehab LA. During the visit, Dr. Patrick Khaziran reviewed Disick's MRI results and disclosed that he was on the "cusp" of potentially requiring back surgery. This condition resulted from a car accident in which he flipped his Lamborghini Urus in August 2022. According to Disick, this incident had a significant impact on his life, causing weight gain and hindering his ability to partake in his favorite pastime.

When Dr. Khaziran asked what he did for fun before the accident, Disick candidly replied, "Sex," but lamented that his back injury had made him "terrible" in this department. Khloé Kardashian inquired if this was motivation to complete physical therapy, to which Disick humorously asked if it was about getting back on track for intimate activity. Unfortunately, he confessed, "No motion for me."

Disick also mentioned that he had spent some time with a spiritual healer who suggested he "microdose some shrooms." However, he ultimately decided against pursuing this path to healing. Reflecting on the experience, he concluded that undergoing therapy was a better option than potentially being "abused by her," presumably referring to the spiritual healer.

In a jest, Disick suggested that he and Khloé Kardashian could explore their casual connection on his 40th birthday, to which Khloé responded with skepticism. The exchange led to a humorous back-and-forth where Disick mused about feeling better by his 40th birthday, despite their ongoing discussion not yielding any progress.

At the time of the car accident, TMZ reported that Scott Disick sustained a minor cut to his head but declined medical attention at the scene. The crash involved no other vehicles, and speed was believed to be a contributing factor in the accident.

Scott Disick previously dated Kourtney Kardashian from 2006 to 2015, and they share three children: Mason, Penelope, and Reign. Kourtney is currently expecting her first child with her husband, Travis Barker.


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