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PACSUN Spotlights Local Musicians in 2024 Festival Campaign

by Casey Mitchell

Pictured above: Ronnie Watts Image Courtesy of Pacsun

In a world where fashion and music intersect, Pacsun is leading the charge with its innovative Festival Campaign, inviting local emerging artists to shape the narrative and inspire the next generation of fashion and music enthusiasts.

With the launch of its Spring/Summer 2024 Campaign, Pacsun Collective has placed four young talents at the forefront, showcasing their original music as the soundtrack of the brand's latest campaign—a celebration of Pacsun culture and its vibrant community. Embracing a community-oriented approach, Pacsun is shining a spotlight on young voices that authentically represent the brand, providing a platform to amplify their artistry. By fostering deeper connections with its consumers and building retail loyalty, the campaign resonates with the creativity and individuality of its audience, allowing them to influence the brand identity, campaigns, and product innovation.

In this special collaboration, select musical artists from diverse genres worked closely with Pacsun's in-house creative team to bring the capsule collection to life through their music. The campaign kicked off with a captivating music video featuring Ronnie Watts' original song "Fast, Fast, Fast," setting the tone for an immersive experience that merges fashion, music, and self-expression. Styled in curated festival looks, the artists embody the genuine spirit of Pacsun, empowering unity and authenticity.

As the Festival Campaign unfolds, Pacsun will debut additional music videos and content across all digital and social platforms, featuring unreleased songs from Pacsun Collective Artists Acoya, Michael J. Woodward, and Abrieel. The artists will also perform live at Pacsun's flagship stores in Los Angeles and New York City, bridging the gap between physical and digital engagement with live-streamed performances on Pacsun's TikTok—a testament to Pacsun's commitment to engaging consumers both in real life and digitally.

Addie Rintel, VP of Women's Merchandising and Design at Pacsun, expressed excitement about welcoming new talent to the Pacsun Collective, emphasizing the campaign's celebration of fashion and music as powerful forms of self-expression. "Giving these artists the resources to amplify their creativity is so fulfilling," Rintel said. "In turn, we're able to authentically present real Pacsun consumers in the campaign, uplifting these important voices and inspiring youth to express and pursue their passions."

The Festival Campaign unveils a curated Festival Shop featuring a wide range of women's and men's clothing, swimwear, shoes, and accessories—perfect for spring and summer concerts. From trendy swimwear and denim to retro silhouettes and western-inspired capsules, Pacsun offers endless outfit inspiration for festival season style, embracing lightweight layers and subtle pops of springtime pastels.

As Pacsun continues to champion creativity, community, and self-expression, the Festival Campaign serves as a testament to the brand's dedication to empowering the next generation of fashion and music enthusiasts. By bridging the gap between fashion and music, Pacsun invites consumers to embrace their individuality and celebrate the vibrant intersection of culture and style.


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