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Summer Style Tips

by Petar Bekjarovski, Sponsored Posts

It’s summer, and many may find it difficult to stand the heat, enjoy warm days, and look stylish at the same time. So, with the variety of summer things offered to us, the main task is to make the right choice—choose the women's accessories and clothes that are not only trendy and appropriate in the city but, useful on the journey.


The baseball cap has become, perhaps, one of the most relevant hats of this summer. The designers decided to give us space for the flight of imagination. This season you will not only find "timeless" baseball caps with inscriptions, but also models with floral prints, funny inscriptions, and even images of cult cartoon characters.

So, if you want to create a stylish image, we recommend you give preference to bold and non-standard solutions. Add a baseball cap to a linen suit of a relaxed cut, a feminine sundress, and, of course, Bermuda shorts that are relevant now.


Good news for everyone who likes when it's not only fashionable but also comfortable – orthopedic sandals are still included in the list of "must-haves" for this summer. These sandals will make you look relaxed, and stylish while allowing you to take long walks through the streets of the city, discovering new, unexplored places.

If you prefer a sporty style, choose textile models – the variety of color solutions will please even the most exacting buyers. If you like more classical models, then you can complement your wardrobe with sandals made of leather or suede in a neutral shade, Classic Black. For fans of bright or extraordinary solutions, designers have worked hard to create a variety of models decorated with stones, pearls, and even massive chains of huge sizes. You just have to choose what is more to your liking, and feel free to go in search of a suitable pair.


This season, micro bags have undergone a remarkable transformation, shrinking to an unprecedented size yet maintaining their allure. While their utility may be limited, their popularity continues to soar. Even unable to accommodate more than a lipstick, these micro bags elevate any ensemble to new heights of fashion. Handmade leather bags offer versatility, worn over the shoulder or around the neck for a chic touch. For essentials like keys and documents, opt for a larger handbag without sacrificing functionality or practicality, both of which remain timeless trends.


If you are looking for another trend in the bags, then we advise you to pay attention to waist bags, which are still extremely relevant. In summer, this model is comfortable to wear over the shoulder, and it will perfectly complement relaxed looks such as flying summer sundresses or linen shirts borrowed from your companion's wardrobe. This handbag will not only leave your hands free, allowing you to enjoy a bike ride or a ride on a scooter but will also contain everything you need.


Speaking of jewelry, the trends of the new season will delight fans of massive jewelry. After a long reign of the thinnest and hardly noticeable accessories, massive chains are returning to fashion again. Moreover, such chains can decorate not only the neck or wrists but also bags, shoes, and even sunglasses. However, it is worth remembering the trend towards minimalism—one massive element in addition to a simple and laconic image will be quite enough to create a fashionable look.


Until recently, Panama hats remained exclusively a beach accessory or element of the clothes of the fishermen and lovers of horse riding. However, last season proved that Panama hats can be a wonderful accessory, not only on the seacoast but also in the city. Moreover, we are not talking only about straw or cotton Panama hats—dense synthetic hats are also in use, which at the end of the summer season will be able to complement the autumn looks. The trend is so popular that everyone will find Panama hats both to their liking and to their pocket.


Last year cargo pants easily returned to fashion, and in summer they will be one of the main trends. They are comfortable and practical; therefore, they are ideal for everyday wear. By the way, they can easily change the style depending on what clothes they are combined with. What to wear with cargo pants? Romantic transparent blouses or shiny T-shirts. For everyday looks, shirts, loose pullovers, and short cardigans will make an excellent company for cargo trousers.


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