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Tips for Mind-Blowing Orgasms

by Kate Miller

How do you approach self-love? Do you get creative and inspired to build the perfect experience?

Masturbation is often seen as a quick stress relief tool. You know what works well for you; hence, you don’t take the time to engage in new stuff or gradually increase the arousal until reaching the most perfect finish. Self-love, however, can be incredibly multi-faceted. It can be slow, easy, and even a bit lazy. It can be explosive. You can focus on the stuff that you enjoy the most or explore new erogenous zones.

Having amazing solo sex is all about committing to the experience and crafting the perfect fantasy. To make those goals happen, you can test out a few of the following approaches.


How do you approach sex with a partner? You probably get some nice lingerie, light a candle, and put on sensual music. All of these are important to set the mood and create the perfect ambiance for an intimate experience. If you’re not doing the same when engaging in self-love, you’re missing out on a huge chance to have better masturbation. The preliminary steps are incredibly important. Putting yourself in a sensual place will get you in the mood and help you relax. Don’t ignore the importance of doing those sexy things before getting started. The effect will be easily noticeable.


Turn yourself on before getting started with a favorite self-love routine. Some women enjoy a bit of porn to get warmed up. Mainstream porn, however, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If it’s not making you hot and bothered, try out a few alternatives. Ethical, female-centered porn does exist. There’s also authentic lesbian porn that many women, regardless of their sexuality, find hot.

If porn isn’t your thing, you can read an erotic novel or have a relaxing shower. Some essential oils and those sexy bubbles in the bath will calm your mind and relax you. Touching your naked, wet body in the bedroom can also set the stage for delightful and a lot more intense self-exploration later on.


Your fingers are the most powerful pleasure magicians. They know the buttons to press in order to unlock orgasmic capabilities. Using your fingers alongside a few well-designed sex toys, however, will make your body sing a pleasure aria. Sex toys ( give you intensity and numerous stimulation settings to check out. Even if you don’t go for a vibrating or thrusting pleasure buddy, you can still enhance self-love by featuring more ways to stimulate yourself.

A clear suction cup dildo, for example, is the perfect addition to anyone’s naughty collection. It can be attached to any smooth horizontal or vertical surface. The fact that the dildo has a sturdy suction cup base allows for its hands-free use. Thus, you’ll be free to stimulate yourself manually while you’re using the dildo for penetrative pleasure.


The most commonly targeted kind of orgasm during masturbation is the clitoral one. Most women find it easy to achieve, and depending on the stimulation and the type of build-up, a clitoral orgasm can contribute to very intense experiences. It’s not the only one to target when you’re playing with yourself.

G-spot orgasms are often described as a lot more encompassing, full-body experiences. To reach the G-spot, you’ll either need to place a finger in your vagina (moving it in a come-hither motion towards the front wall) or use a G-spot vibrator. The toy is shaped to reach the elusive G-spot and stimulate it consistently.

Anal orgasms can also be powerful contributors to depths of pleasure you haven’t experienced before. Some women are capable of achieving a stand-alone anal orgasm, while others will get a blend of anal and clitoral or vaginal orgasms. A few other kinds of orgasms exist as well. Cervical and nipple orgasms can be a lot more difficult to achieve, but they’ll still add spice and show you the immense pleasure center that your body is.


Changing the position you practice self-love in can make things infinitely better. This is true both for clitoral stimulation and penetrative experiences. If you’re targeting your clit, for example, and you decide to lie on your tummy, you’ll experience a massive change in intensity. The weight of your body will press on your hand or the toy you’re using. As a result, the clitoris can be stimulated more wholesomely.

Squatting, standing, and even doggy-style self-stimulation can give you a nice alternative. The depth of penetration and the angle will both change when you modify the position. You can even incorporate a few different sex positions in a solo session. Some will add intensity, while others will allow you to cool things down and start building arousal once again for the most powerful climax.


There’s nothing hotter than watching yourself have an impressive orgasm. Self-love in front of the mirror may seem scary at first. That’s especially true for women dealing with body issues and those who are a bit sexually insecure.

In time, however, the exercise will reveal its empowering nature. Observing yourself and your body’s reaction to different kinds of stimulation can teach you a wonderful lesson. Eventually, you’ll also learn to love your reflection and find it sexy. So, power through those first few awkward sessions and forget about societal expectations or the notions instilled in your brain. Admire your body in all of its glory and turn each self-love moment into a marvelous testament of your awesomeness.


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