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Travis Barker Denounces 'Ridiculous' Rumor Linking Kim Kardashian Fling To Kourtney Feud

by Danielle Wright

Travis Barker, the renowned drummer of Blink-182 and the husband of Kourtney Kardashian, has finally addressed the speculations and rumors that his past crush on Kim Kardashian was a contributing factor to the feud between Kourtney and her sister Kim.

Image Credit: Gotham / Contributor / Getty Images

These rumors began circulating when excerpts from Barker's 2016 memoir, "Can I Say," resurfaced earlier this year. In the memoir, Barker referred to Kim Kardashian as "f—king hot" and revealed that he had "secretly checked [her] out" during his brief relationship with Paris Hilton in 2006. Barker has now clarified that his past comments were taken out of context and that they are unrelated to the feud between the Kardashian sisters.

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Barker expressed his frustration with the rumors, calling them "ridiculous." He commented on the tendency of people to jump to conclusions based on limited information, saying, "You give people a little information, and they think they've solved the mystery of 'this is why they're fighting.' It's just so ridiculous." Barker vehemently denied the notion that he is a womanizer, as some fans had suggested. He further emphasized that there was no ongoing drama within the Kardashian family regarding his past crush on Kim.

Barker, who married Kourtney Kardashian in 2021, revealed that he shared his personal experiences in his memoir as a form of therapy to help him move past those moments. He explained that the comments about Kim Kardashian were taken out of context and that they had no bearing on his current relationship with Kourtney.

Addressing the alleged feud between Kourtney and Kim, Barker stated, "That's her sister. She knows we used to talk. Nothing bad was going on." Kim Kardashian herself had previously refuted any romantic involvement with Barker.

In 2021, she responded to rumors about a past relationship with the musician via her Instagram Story. When a fan asked if she had ever hooked up with Barker, Kim responded with a resounding "NO! False narrative!" She clarified that she and Barker had been friends for years and expressed her happiness for his relationship with Kourtney.

The actual feud between Kourtney Kardashian and her sister Kim originated from a dispute related to a Dolce & Gabbana fashion show, which was featured on the Kardashians' reality show on Hulu. Kourtney accused Kim of using her wedding as a business opportunity, referring to the deal her sister made with the fashion brand after collaborating on her wedding in Italy.

This disagreement led to Kourtney labeling Kim as an "egotistical … narcissist" and a "witch" that she "f—king hate[s]." However, the sisters have since resolved their differences and reconciled. During the Season 4 premiere of their family's reality show, Kourtney acknowledged that both of them had said things they were not proud of, but she emphasized that anyone with siblings understands the dynamics of their relationship.

The sisters have moved past their feud, and Kourtney expressed that conflicts between siblings can quickly be followed by a funny text, and everything becomes normal again. Kourtney is currently expecting her fourth child with Travis Barker, and their relationship remains strong and supportive.

Travis Barker's comments in the Los Angeles Times interview shed light on the misconceptions surrounding his past statements and the misunderstandings that have arisen from them. It's a reminder that context and history should be considered before making assumptions about relationships and conflicts between individuals, especially in the world of celebrities.


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