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When You Hurt a Leo Woman

by Danielle Wright

If you’re here it’s because you’ve hurt a Leo woman and perhaps you want to know how to win her heart back. But before we can dive into that, first you have to have a clear understanding of the Leo woman. The Leo woman is regal, queenly in every way—from her royal bearing to her style (which I can tell you now, tends to be extremely expressive and bold). She is strong in her power, like her planetary ruler, the sun.

Leo women are kind, giving, and sweet, but understand one thing, this woman is no-nonsense all around. If you try her, you may live to regret it. It is because she is so generous and understanding that when she does not receive the same treatment, or her partner begins taking advantage of her kind nature, she will bring the claws out.

A Leo woman is fragile but for the most part logical. It is because of her high self-esteem that she can walk out of a relationship that no longer serves her, and she can, with grace, accept a person telling her they are no longer interested.

Leo women are charming, vivacious, full of life, and enthusiastic. They want you to do something wild and fun with them, they want you to prioritize them, and they want you to be sensual. She hates being told what to do, but also like a challenge in her man—an alpha man to be exact. Leo women are creative and inspirational, so whatever you do be sure to support her dreams and she will no doubt reciprocate.

While she may seem strong and independent, a Leo woman is very sensitive and she needs attention, matter of fact, she craves it, but not from everyone, only from her person of interest. Don’t play hard to get with a Leo woman, be up front, honest, wine and dine her and show interest.

She is not one for games because her goal is to develop her creativity. If she has to spend time decoding your behavior or reading your mind or checking for behavioral clues that you’re interested, she will stop caring. Leo women are one-sided—they’re either all in and loyal or simply do not care and will leave you out in the cold.

Leo women love hard! When she decides to be all-in, she is just that even without a relationship title; this lioness will show loyalty. If she’s hurt, she will most likely lose sleep, have difficulty concentrating on her craft, and withdraw herself. When she’s hurt by a person of interest she will most likely lash out in anger.

Leos are known for being passionate and fiery in their personal lives, but they may also become irritable and angry easily. So, when you’ve hurt a Leo woman the best thing you can do is console her, bring her a small gift to show you’re sorry, and be willing to talk things through.

Most of the time if a Leo woman is lashing out, she feels out of control. Because she likes to have some knowledge of what is taking place, any kind of mystery you present to her or inconsistency, she will begin to question. If it continues, she will start the process of pushing you away completely.


As she prepares for a life without you, she will start by giving you the cold shoulder. A once passionate and loyal woman will find herself on dates and exploring other options. She will ignore your texts and your calls—but be prepared, during this phase she may still randomly lash out. If you haven’t made any efforts—the way she wants it—she will still move on.

She’s hot under the collar and sometimes when they get mad, they may try to harm you through some form of punishment. This is only the outcome of a Leo woman who is HURT. So, it just depends on how much you’ve hurt her. Just know that the deeper the pain, the better the apology needs to be.

While you may not be aware, most Leo women are extremely dramatic so don’t take her antics too seriously. Especially if she’s hurting. She may cry and rant for a while, but once the dust settles, approach her and try to soothe your lioness, she will appreciate your efforts.

A lack of effort when she is hurting and has shown you that your actions have wounded her deeply will result in your lioness holding a massive grudge. If she makes the decision that your efforts for causing her pain aren’t good enough, then that’s it. Game over. If she doesn’t want to forgive you, she will most likely never want to talk to you or see you again.

The Leo woman is not afraid to be alone so if she chooses you, be glad! When you hurt her, she has to make you pay. So be prepared for a long punishment depending on the crime. Not to mention a hurt Leo woman will most likely tell you exactly what she thinks about your weaknesses as a boyfriend. The reason? She wants to make sure you change before she gets all weak in the knees in love, again—plus, a little revenge. In other words, she will want to make sure you’ve learned from your past mistakes and will not repeat them.


In most cases as previously mentioned, you have to show her how sorry you are. Don’t skimp out on the apologies and don’t be cheap, either. You don’t need to beg or stalk her but show her how much she means to you. Knowing her love language is just as important.

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First, apologize – add details, tell her what you’re sorry for and take her on a memorable date.

Second, profess your like/love/interest. She wants to know that she is not giving in to you blindly. The Leo woman can be extremely prideful so, be sure that she KNOWS how you feel about her, too. Show some emotion – in other words, you have to get in touch with your feelings before you try and make things right.

Third, be positive – give her a reason to be hopeful about the relationship! Make her see the silver lining. Don’t give ultimatums and don’t make her feel like she’s an option. She will give you undying loyalty if she knows it will be reciprocated.

Fourth, make her feel important – compliments go a long way with a Leo woman, trust me!

Fifth, talk about ways you can BOTH improve your relationship. Tell her your likes and dislikes (the more you share with a Leo woman, the better). These women are very thoughtful and will put a lot of effort into making their partner feel loved.

Sharing yourself with her is important, it lets her know that you are willing to go deep. But don’t stop there, listen to her too, agree, and apply it. Then remain consistent. Not only will she appreciate it, but it also shows that you’re sincere and willing to work on things as well as feel sorry about your past mistakes.

No empty promises. A whiff of lies or deception will land you right back in hot water and on the block list, indefinitely.


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