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Why Do We Buy Things We Don't Need?

by Petar Bekjarovski, Sponsored Posts

Contrary to popular belief that all women are crazy about shopping, this is not entirely true. Sometimes, a woman may go shopping to get new things but then suffers from guilt for their squandering. And many in general cannot stand the crowd and noise that they have to deal with in supermarkets. So, how can you turn a trip to the store into an exciting adventure that brings about positive emotions?

Shopping Therapy and its Background

Usually, women are divided into two groups. The larger number are those who believe that there is no point in saving on good things and depriving yourself of your beloved joy from acquiring branded things and fashionable gadgets. And it does not matter that they are very expensive, the money is the least, and there is still a whole week before the salary.

If you belong to this group, then you can easily cheer yourself up by shopping. Throw away the blues, make an effort on yourself, get dressed, and head to the mall. Slowly go around all the boutiques, not thinking about how much money you have on the card, and what blue blouse is in the closet. Don't skimp on your emotions. If you feel a little happier buying a new bag, buy it. You won’t die of hunger, you won’t be kicked out of your apartment, and your salary is already in a week! Feel like a child who has just received an amazing toy.

But what if you belong to the second group of economical women who are well aware of the value of themselves, any item in the store, and life in general? You never make impulse purchases, save money from every paycheck, and wear the same coat for the fifth winter because it still looks great. You think in vain that shopping will not be able to cheer you up.

Take a break from gloomy thoughts and devote the day to shopping trips. Compare prices for the same items, find out which supermarket has sales today, find an almost imperceptible defect on an expensive item and knock out a 30 percent discount. Buying a quality item is much cheaper than it costs - this is a whole art! And you own it perfectly. Is it nice to know that you are all smarter and more practical? And the new skirt of the famous design house at a ridiculous price will warm the soul for a long time.

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It happens that by chance you can find yourself in a village forgotten by God with one single store in the center. And the most fashionable thing there are rubber boots for fishing, which can only cheer up the neighbor's boy. What a shopping pleasure! Perhaps it's time to remember the greatest invention of mankind—online shopping.

No one will sniffle and push around, snatching the only remaining blouse of your size from under their noses and diverting the attention of the sales assistant. You can leisurely enjoy your choice, buy a new pair of women's heels, drink hot coffee and enjoy shopping while sitting on your favorite sofa.

Shopping is perhaps the easiest way to relieve the blues and say goodbye to a bad mood. It distracts from problems and worries, switches attention to bright and beautiful things, and gives a lot of positive emotions. And remember that you can do without the necessary, but never without the superfluous!

American sociologists have even calculated that, on average, shopaholic women are more self-confident, and look slimmer and younger than non-shopaholic ladies. Of course, a large number of objections can be added to this research.

But it’s hard to argue with the fact that successful purchases cheer us up, beautiful things make us more confident and distract us from unpleasant thoughts. Indeed, instead of banishing the details of your quarrel with your husband for the hundredth time, it is much more pleasant to imagine where you will put on a new dress.

Of course, the love of shopping has a very obvious downside: if this passion is too serious, it leads to a lot of unnecessary things and an empty wallet. So, therapy is therapy, but you still need to control yourself.


“So sad that I don’t even know whether to drown myself or get a new haircut!” - this humorous phrase as a whole reflects a fairly common opinion that a woman, taking care of her appearance, can forget any problems. Of course, everything is not so primitive, but visiting beauty salons cheers you up. The principle is very similar to shopping therapy—a change of image gives confidence, helps to take a fresh look at problems, and you can even say - "start a new life."


Aromatherapy is another good way to uplift your mood and fight stress. Optimism will give citrus smells, a bad mood will drive away the aromas of cloves, jasmine, and basil, and sandalwood and bergamot will add inspiration.

Essential aromatic oils can be diluted with water in an aroma lamp, sprinkled around the room or added to the bath (only in this case, the oil must first be melted in milk or salt).


Music therapy is not a new invention; it has been used in various forms since ancient times. Good music can distract from bad thoughts, cheer you up, relieve stress and even improve your well-being. Each person knows for himself which songs or compositions have a positive effect on him and can create his anti-depressive playlist.


Physical activity is generally uplifting, and dancing is a sport enveloped by creativity and music, so there are much more pluses in dance therapy. This type of therapy is even used in some psychological training.

But even simple dances, without training, cheer you up well. You can go do them, or you can just dance in clubs, at home in your free time, or even dance while cleaning.

How do you usually cheer yourself up?


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