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7 Tips for Dating Safely on Tinder

by Olivia Anderson

With more than 75 million monthly users, Tinder has become an essential tool for finding love in the modern digital age.

Since 2012, it has helped millions of people uncover their soul mates with a swipe to the right. But not every swipe guarantees a perfect match. Some may even expose you to innumerable dangers if you’re not careful.

Tinder users have experienced various scams and crimes over the years, from identity theft and extortion to financial fraud and physical harm. Although the popular dating app has taken several measures to boost security on its platform, taking adequate steps to ensure your own safety is imperative if you’re a Tinder user.

Here are seven tips for a safe dating experience on the app.



Your personally identifiable information (PII) can become a source for stalking, identity theft, money swindles, and countless other threats on Tinder. For instance, a criminal could use your contact information to harass you outside the platform. They can also steal your identity and commit crimes disguised as you.

To minimize risks,

  • Disclose only what’s essential when setting up a Tinder account. Use a secondary phone number and email to avoid compromising your primary contact information in the event of a data breach.

  • Never connect your social media accounts with your dating profile.

  • Avoid disclosing your last name, home address, workplace, contact details, or any other information that may help strangers identify you outside the platform. Instead, focus on sharing general information, such as your interests and hobbies.

  • Be selective when posting photos on your dating profile. They should not reveal your friends and family or give away landmarks that may allow other Tinder users to find you offline. Moreover, use images that you have not already posted online. This will help prevent others from learning more about you with a reverse image search.

  • Verify your profile and enable the Photo Verified Chat feature to ensure that only verified users can communicate with you.

  • Be mindful not to overshare personal information including phone numbers, addresses, and social media profiles with your Tinder dates until you have verified their identities and feel comfortable progressing further.

  • Avoid sending revealing photos or disclosing information that the other person could use for doxing or extortion.



Before you swipe right in haste, spend some time going through the relevant profile. Fake accounts run by bots and scammers often contain highly edited profile pictures and little to no information. Photos can also be blurred or include a shot taken from far away, making it nearly impossible to recognize the person.

However, this doesn’t mean you can trust every Tinder user with detailed bios and clear, unedited photos. The fact is that scammers can easily create profiles using stolen identities. They may even develop accounts that perfectly match your interests and preferences to target you for a scam.

So, review information carefully and remember not to believe everything you see.

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Using Tinder’s messaging tool is important for your safety until you learn more about your potential love interest.

By keeping communications within the app, you can swiftly escalate any concerns if you feel threatened by a particular user, allowing the platform to investigate and take action.



Scammers could easily lie or exaggerate, hiding behind a fake Tinder profile. This is why confirming the authenticity of those you’re interested in is critical at an early stage.

Reverse search their photos and check their social media profiles to get to know them better. If they share a full name, personal contact number, or even address, use Nuwber to find more information about them, such as their workplace, location, social media profiles, and criminal records.

Even a simple search on Google could reveal enough details for you to learn more about an individual.

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Unusual behaviors could be important warning signs that give away bad actors on dating platforms.

For example,

  • Is the potential suitor asking too many questions about your personal and professional life?

  • Have you noticed any discrepancies in the information they have provided?

  • Do they come across as overly guarded or are evading certain questions?

  • Have they asked for money, even in small amounts?

  • Have they requested revealing photos or videos?

  • Do they seem disinterested in meeting you in person, or are they giving excuses, such as being overseas, to avoid face-to-face interactions?

  • Have you noticed any sudden behavioral changes, such as aggression and inappropriate or offensive remarks?

All these could be red flags that you’re conversing with a fraudster.



The process of finding a partner online is a lot more complicated than what you would generally experience in the real world, where you’ll have more personal interactions.

After all, photos and faceless digital conversations can be surprisingly deceiving. By being hasty, you could miss critical warning signs that could help you identify a fake suitor. So, you must spend more time getting to know the other person before you can go on a real date.



When it’s time to finally meet your love interest in person, there are several measures you should take for your safety.

  • Agree on a place and time to meet in advance. Select a public location with plenty of people around.

  • Inform a friend or family member about who you’re meeting, where, when, and what time. Also, let them know when you intend to return home.

  • Pay close attention to any inconsistent behaviors or information during the date. Consume alcohol in moderation, and never leave your drink, food, or belongings unattended.

  • Avoid sharing a cab at the end of the date, and allow a loved one to track your location until you return.


Over the years, Tinder’s popularity has drawn in large swaths of scammers and other criminals looking for opportunities to dupe innocent hopefuls. So, if you plan to find love on this dating platform, taking adequate measures to ensure your safety is necessary.

Always keep your data private and use the app’s messaging tool to communicate with matches. Reviewing profiles, verifying information, and remaining alert for red flags are also essential. In addition, remember to take enough time to get to know the person without rushing through the process and adopt sufficient safety precautions when planning for a first date.


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