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How to Not Look Boring: 8 Ways to Make Outfits Cooler

by Dina Summers

You have a wardrobe full of clothes.

However, when it comes to dressing up, you feel like you will never find something that makes you look like that girl. Well, we totally understand the pain. It's difficult to figure out exactly how to make your outfits look cooler, especially if you're not blessed with a fashionista mind. That's why we have created this detailed guide. From Shark slides to French braids, read more to learn eight amazing ways to change your styling game!


First of all, you must define your “cool.” Do you like cottage-core girly outfits that make you look cute? Or do you find old-money fashion attractive?

There are a lot of different clothing styles, so you must pick one that resonates with you personally. That is your “cool.” To help you get started, here are some women's fashion styles to explore:

Remember, understanding your style is the first and the most important step towards curating a wardrobe that reflects your personality and makes you feel confident.


If you really want to rock your outfits, you need to understand one important rule – the rule of thirds. According to it, your outfit should have uneven ratios (⅓ to ⅔). Examples include high-waist jeans with a crop top and a long shirt with a skirt.

This makes your attire look more attractive and appealing. However, if you wear clothes that split your body in a ½ and ½ ratio, you will look ordinary. That being said, you should not just focus on making the clothing ratio uneven but pay attention to its effect too.


Understanding how different colors complement your skin tone and overall aesthetic is key to creating impactful outfits. For example, if you have a warm undertone, earthy tones like olive green or terracotta can be attractive. Cool-toned individuals might lean towards shades like navy blue or emerald green.

It's also important to master the art of contrast by pairing complementary or contrasting colors strategically. This adds depth and visual interest to your ensemble. A classic example is black and white. The sharp contrast of the two colors creates a timeless and chic look.


Layering means combining different clothing pieces, such as jackets, sweaters, scarves, and accessories. This technique adds depth and texture to your outfit, but you must do it properly.

Here are some tips to layer like a pro:

  • Build a well-fitted foundational layer, such as a long-sleeved shirt.

  • Combine different textures, like a knitted top, with a denim jacket.

  • Take care of the rule of thirds and body proportions.

  • Focus on wearing stylish outerwear, like a studded leather jacket and checkered blazer.

  • Use contrasting belts, hats, necklaces, and other accessories to add glam.

Please note that layering can take some trial and error. It's best to experiment and seek new perspectives.


Accessories complement and enhance an outfit. For example, a pendant necklace can instantly jazz up a simple blouse and jeans ensemble. Meanwhile, a sleek leather belt can be used to fasten a dress and add a touch of sophistication to the outfit.

The best part about accessories is that you can use the same pieces over and over. Just make sure you purchase high-quality ones. Some must-have accessories include:

  • A couple of metallic rings (gold, silver, or copper)

  • A pendant necklace

  • Earrings (studs or hoops in neutral color)

  • Handbag.

If you want to adopt business casual or old-money fashion, we highly recommend a watch and glasses to make your outfits classy.


We have already mentioned accessories above, but this accessory is so important that it really deserves its own heading! According to research, people can correctly judge your age, income, political beliefs, and even emotional personality based on your shoes. And let's not forget that most people notice your footwear first.

If you're wearing a formal outfit, pair it with heels, boots, or loafers. Don't wear slides or sneakers – they'll ruin the classy vibe. Likewise, don't wear stilettos with a tight T-shirt and oversized jeans. Once you choose the right shoe type, look at the colors. Generally, it's a good idea to play with neutrals. Black, white, and beige shoes go well with all colors.


Your hair can do wonders for your appearance. It's great if you have thick, shiny hair that you can style all the time. But if you don't, there's no need to keep it tied in a simple bun or ponytail. Have some fun with your hair and style it to complement the outfit. For example, when wearing a floral summer dress, you can make a French braid to add a cute feminine touch.


Last but not least, don't hesitate to smile and be cheerful. Research proves that people who smile are considered more attractive, intelligent, and trustworthy. This is because when you smile or laugh, you express your emotions, and most people aren't confident in that. They worry about how they look or what people will think, while in reality, everyone loves a happy person. So, if you want to look cool in any outfit, let your good emotions out and smile wholeheartedly.


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