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Legal Action Unfolds: Kroy Biermann's Attorney Sues Lawsuit for Unpaid Bills

by Riley Cook

Former NFL star Kroy Biermann is facing legal challenges once again, as recent legal documents obtained by The Blast reveal that he has been hit with a lien by his attorney, Marlys A. Bergstrom. The legal action stems from alleged unpaid bills related to Biermann's ongoing and contentious divorce from his estranged wife, reality TV personality Kim Zolciak.

Image Credit: Bravo

According to the documents, Bergstrom claims that Biermann owes a total of $801.01 to her law firm, Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor, for unpaid fees and services. What adds to Biermann's financial burden is the 1.5% interest being charged for each month the amount remains unpaid. The legal filing specifies that interest on the lien will persist until the law firm is fully compensated for the legal services rendered and expenses incurred.

The filing emphasizes that no person is permitted to satisfy any judgment or decree in the ongoing legal action until the law firm's lien is resolved. The lien is described as attaching to all recoverable assets.

These legal issues add to the couple's recent troubles. A few weeks ago, police were called to their $6 million mansion in response to a heated argument. Despite their ongoing divorce, Biermann and Zolciak still reside under the same roof. The dispute, which involved three police officers being dispatched to settle the matter, was reportedly instigated by one of their minor children, though the specific child was not disclosed.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the argument primarily revolved around the couple's significant financial problems, which have played a pivotal role in the breakdown of their marriage. In addition to financial challenges, the couple's Georgia mansion has faced foreclosure twice. After defaulting on a $1.65 million loan taken out in 2016, the mansion was put up for auction in February. The property is now listed for sale at $6 million.

Biermann is also contending with legal action from Rolls Royce, which took him to court after he failed to make payments on a $400,000 vehicle. The couple, who got married on November 11, 2011, shares four children: Kroy Jagger (11), Kash (10), and 9-year-old twins Kane and Kaia. Zolciak is also a mother to Brielle (26) and Ariana Biermann (21) from previous relationships. Kroy Biermann adopted Zolciak's daughters when they were minors.

The accumulating legal troubles underscore the challenges faced by the former NFL star and his estranged wife as they grapple with both personal and financial issues amid their high-profile divorce.


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