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Things to Do On Facetime With Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend

by Kyla Cruz

As technology continues to improve and new inventions make it into our homes, it’s no wonder that something as simple as FaceTime is rated one of the top two ways people like to communicate.

It’s a comfort to many to have the pleasure of both hearing and seeing the person you’re speaking to while you work, clean, or hang out on your own.

Solo dating has become very popular for those who are not in relationships as well as some who are… long-distance perhaps. In any case, with scenarios like this, a good FaceTime call can do wonders for your overall mood. But, there are drawbacks.

Why do most men prefer FaceTime? Sure, texting is cool and a regular phone call can be just as effective, but what is the fuss of having to both see and hear the person? Have you ever been on a FaceTime call with your boyfriend and did not feel confident enough to show your face, so you point the camera to the ceiling? Of course, and most of the time the men complain. But why?

Unless you’re in a long-distance relationship it is best not to allow your relationship to live via FaceTime. Whether you’re in a situationship or a relationship, it’s best to make time to physically be around one another, or find other ways to communicate. Your relationship cannot and should not live through technology.

However, as previously mentioned there are circumstances where FaceTime is necessary.

Some things you can both do are:

Create a Playlist of Your Favorite Songs: This one may sound cheesy, but believe me it’s good. Whether you use platforms like Apple music or Spotify, you and your bae can swap music choices to add to one another’s playlist all while on FaceTime.

Movie Night: I am guilty of this and let me tell you, it was so much fun. The nights my then-boyfriend and I would spend apart, we still made it a priority to watch a movie together. We would find a movie online we both were interested in seeing, then start it at the same time and watch it together. This was both romantic and practical.

Cooking: Men love to eat and some women love to cook, so all in all it works out. If you’re eager to try some new recipes and your man wants to help you along the way, then a FaceTime call is perfect. Also, for those who are lucky enough to be dating or married to a chef, take this moment to hop on FaceTime to watch him/her prepare meals. Plus, the person on the other end will be happy you’re taking an interest in something they're passionate about.

Play a Game: 21 questions is my go to when on FaceTime with my boyfriend or a man I am dating. It helps to keep things spicy, but appropriate depending on the relationship status. Don’t hold back, either. This is a moment to ask whatever is on your mind and also, be receptive to questions as well. You can both grow closer than ever this way so don’t take it lightly.

In addition to this, playing different video games together can add another layer of fun and interaction to your virtual dates.

Moreover, exploring an online casino can be an exciting addition to your digital rendezvous. It introduces a playful and spontaneous element to your interactions, allowing you to experience the thrill of gaming together. Participation in online casino games allows you to share experiences, celebrate victories, and overcome defeats together, fostering a sense of teamwork and mutual support.

Dedicated websites make it easy to choose the right online casino for your digital dates, offering reviews and comparisons of the best casinos. For instance, bizzo casino pl offers a variety of options and promotions, making it a great choice for those looking to add a gaming dimension to their FaceTime dates.


If you’re not in a long-distance relationship but your boyfriend prefers to FaceTime you often rather than plan actual dates, then this could serve as a potential problem. A FaceTime call once or twice a week is plenty. But anything more is overkill and your boyfriend is becoming complacent in getting his needs met while you’re essentially being starved of any real affection.

But, some women will not see it this way, presuming that since he is on the phone with her, he could not possibly be seeing anyone else. I assure you this is not always the case. While the saying is true that men miss/love women in their absence and women love men in their presence, it does not replace empathy.

A successful relationship has to be built on empathy: it is needed for a woman to forgive and for a man to express kindness and show generosity. If your man is not empathetic to your needs then he is not for you. Women who get caught up in Face Timing their significant other every single day can immediately lose the spark in their relationship and lose their power.

Spending too much time chatting on the phone all day every day can get boring. Once the thrill is gone, so is the man in most cases. As a woman you should never become too predictable, a man should not wake up knowing your every move and what is on your schedule for the day. Each day should be a mystery, keep him on his toes.

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If he wants to see you and have conversations, this should be done in person. He needs to plan dates, take initiative and volunteer to be around you. As women, it is sad to say that this must be done—the games and power plays— because the truth is, women just want to love—no games, no fighting, no misunderstandings.

Most women just want to feel a genuine connection and grow with one person for the rest of their life. When a woman is operating from her feminine energy she is not interested in sleeping with or getting to know multiple men or women.

It is okay if you’re dating someone and they turn out to not be the person for you. Starting over is a blessing. Just understand the circumstances in which particular behaviors are acceptable and ones where it is not. Trust your instinct and focus on your goals and becoming a better version of yourself.


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