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Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz's Engagement Confirmed After 2 Years of Dating

by Venus Sanders

Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz, two of Hollywood's most admired and talented stars, have decided to take a big step in their relationship.

Image Credit: MEGA / Contributor / Getty Images

The couple, who have been dating for the past two years, recently got engaged. While both actors have remained tight-lipped about the engagement on their social media platforms, multiple sources have confirmed the happy news.

The engagement became the talk of the town when Zoë Kravitz was spotted wearing a stunning diamond ring on that special finger. This thrilling development in their love story has ignited excitement among their fans and admirers. Let's take a closer look at their journey to this joyful moment and what it means for their futures.

Channing Tatum, best known for his charismatic performances in films like "Magic Mike," has had his fair share of ups and downs in the realm of love. After a high-profile marriage and a subsequent divorce with Jenna Dewan, with whom he shares a beautiful daughter named Everly, Channing expressed doubts about ever tying the knot again.

In January, he candidly stated to Vanity Fair, "I don't know if I'm ever going to get married again." He also delved into his complex feelings about relationships, emphasizing his fear of things falling apart when it comes to matters of the heart. Tatum revealed that he tends to try too hard, especially when it involves people he deeply cares about.

Zoë Kravitz, the multi-talented actress, singer, and fashion icon, had her own set of reflections on marriage. Her previous marriage to Karl Glusman was a brief one, and the couple parted ways not long after tying the knot. In an interview with GQ in November 2022, Zoë expressed her ambivalence about the societal expectations of marriage and motherhood.

She shared that she sometimes felt pressured to want these traditional markers of life, but ultimately, she found such questions uncomfortable, especially when considered in the context of being a woman. She emphasized her desire to steer away from romanticizing the idea that domesticity defines a woman's worth.

Despite their individual reservations about marriage, Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz found love and companionship in each other. Their love story began when Kravitz cast and directed Tatum in her film "Pussy Island" in 2020. In August 2022, during an interview with WSJ.

Zoë Kravitz opened up about their creative compatibility, describing the process of making something together as a sacred space. She shared that when creative compatibility aligns, it often opens up new channels within a relationship because both individuals are sharing their true selves. Kravitz expressed gratitude for the role that the movie played in bringing Channing Tatum into her life.

Kravitz was drawn to Tatum, even before they had officially met, as she felt he was a feminist and unafraid of exploring darkness within himself. These attributes attracted her, piquing her interest in meeting him. After sparking romance rumors in August 2021, they made their first public appearance as a couple in October of the same year. Their connection seemed to be growing stronger by the day.

In March 2022, sources close to Zoë Kravitz shared her enthusiasm and affection for Channing Tatum. She expressed her contentment with the relationship, stating that things were going exceptionally well with Tatum, and that she was genuinely happy. These sources further disclosed that Kravitz had been talking to friends about her desire to build a future with him. Her confidence in the relationship was evident, emphasizing the positive trajectory of their connection.

For both Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz, this engagement marks a significant moment of commitment in their lives. Despite their initial doubts and previous experiences, they found love and comfort in each other's company. The engagement is a testament to their evolving relationship and mutual affection.

Fans are eagerly anticipating more details about their journey and what the future holds for the newly engaged couple. As they embark on this exciting chapter, they have the support and well-wishes of their admirers, excited to witness the next steps in their love story.


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