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Signs a Sagittarius Man Is Falling In Love With You

by Danielle Wright

Let me begin by saying, that if you’re dating a Sagittarius man, get ready to be swept away by his charm.

Image Credit: Todd Rosenberg / Contributor / Getty Images

When it comes to the fire signs of the zodiac (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) it’s pretty obvious when you’re liked. No, for real, they make it clear as day. However, there are distinctions between the three, and today, we’re discussing the Sagittarius.

The Sagittarius man is a smooth talker, often poised and very knowledgeable—reminding me of the air sign Gemini. Equipped with a plethora of information he isn’t afraid to share anything with the woman he admires. He is like a wild child; happy and free, loves to joke around, and can be very sarcastic.

He needs a woman who isn’t too sensitive and can hold her own but still exude feminine energy. Most Sagittarius men are natural-born leaders. If he's born on the 2nd of December, however, don’t count yourself so lucky. According to numerology, men born on the 2nd of any month are usually feminine.

Most Sagittarius men are confident and highly optimistic, so falling in love with a woman he deems attractive won’t seem like a hard thing to do, because naturally, he will know she is into him, too. It is because of this confidence and charisma that most women fall prey to this fire sign and become smitten by them within a few short weeks or dare I say it, days.

On the other hand, some Sagittarius men will pretend to be shy, insecure, or meek in an attempt to win over a woman they feel is out of their league. Don’t be fooled by this because once he has you in his grasp and you’ve let your guard down and you’re no longer the ungettable girl, his eyes will stray.

Both Gemini men and Sagittarius men have a reputation for being unfaithful in their relationships but for different reasons: Sagittarius men love the idea of exploring and meeting new and interesting people. They prefer to keep their options open, but if they think you’re the one and you can manage to keep yourself up in the looks department, they may not stray. Whereas Gemini men tend to cheat out of boredom; the relationship has become too mundane and routine, it can drive them crazy and lead them in search of new fun.

So, let’s say you’ve managed to land a Sagittarius on your roster and you want to know if he’s falling for you, here are some signs to look out for:


These men love to explore and will take you on dates that are seen as adventurous. It’s his way of showing you how much he cares. But, this can oftentimes backfire because you may start to feel like your interests aren’t his priority. While it sounds nice that he’s taking you on all of these adventures, you have to ask yourself if it’s something that you enjoy doing. If not, let him know that while you appreciate the effort, you would like it if he could plan dates tailored to your likes and hobbies. Once you communicate your desires he will make a change if he truly cares.


Sagittarius men like to be happy and want to see their women happy, too! If they sense that you’re a Debbie downer, or a negative Nancy and seem to only attract bad karma, he will stay away. If he’s dealing with stress or things that weigh him down mentally, he will pull away instead of burdening you with his troubles and he expects the same in return. Unfortunately, while he can be a good listener and partner down the road, this man is known for putting his feelings first.

He won’t be open to helping you solve your problems when it becomes a reoccurring theme. So, if you want to know if he loves you try sharing some issues you’re having daily/weekly to see his reaction—this could be fake or real scenarios (don’t overdo it though). If he doesn’t jump at the opportunity to help you solve each one of your problems, then its safe to say that he’s only there for a good time, not a long time.


This one is big because as I mentioned earlier, these men are full of knowledge and enjoy sharing and giving advice. I mean, they thrive on it! So, if you’re having a problem where you need advice, he’s your go to guy, sometimes. He will listen to your thoughts and feelings, which shows his genuine interest in you.

But, there can be a downside to this when it comes to your Sag. Sometimes they will hijack the conversation, over talk you, or make sure they have the last word, even if you’re sharing different perspectives; he feels he’s right about almost every single thing. So if it starts to feel like he’s dominating the conversation versus advising you, slowly let him know that while you value his advice and opinion, you still want to feel heard. Set the tone early on, otherwise, this sign is known for trampling all over a conversation if given the chance.


Sagittarius men like to hear themselves talk and the woman he adores should accept it. He’s a sucker for good conversation, laughs, and a good vibe, so along with his thoughtful gestures and his showering you with attention, he’s going to communicate thoroughly every chance he gets.

When I dated a Sagittarius man, I knew he wasn’t all too into me because his primary form of communication was text. Sure, he sent more than six sentences sometimes, but most men, when they’re falling in love with you, want to have you on the phone. They crave that intimacy when you’re not around, so phone calls or FaceTime are often their go-to methods of communicating. This is especially true for a Sagittarius man; they crave intimacy, and if they can't have you in person, a call is going to have to do.

He is also an open book. You can feel comfortable asking him just about anything since this sign is a known conversationalist. Much like Gemini men, again, conversations don’t make them uncomfortable, so unless he’s simply not interested, then feel free to enter unchartered waters and discuss whatever you like.


Sagittarius men who are in love with you will love who you love. I take, for example, Russell Wilson and Ciara, we see that he’s accepted her son, Future, and has proudly taken on that fatherly role with him. That is the perfect example of a Sagittarius man. I can also deduce from their relationship that Ciara allows him to lead, perhaps dominate conversations and she isn’t afraid to let him teach her new things and accompany him on his adventures. We can also see that she keeps herself up physically.

These things are important to a Sagittarius man! If you want to keep him around for the long haul, get your gym membership ready. No, but in all seriousness, if he sees you as the woman he loves and sees that you’re willing to keep up your appearance and allow him the space to lead, he’ll be your best friend, provider, and protector.

There you have it, some sure signs that your Sagittarius man is falling in love with you. Also, here’s a bonus, he tells the people he loves about you—who you are, what he likes about you and he’ll be eager for you to meet them.

One thing about Sagittarius men is they love it when the people they love all get along and have a great relationship. This sign does not thrive in chaos and as I mentioned earlier, they aren’t fans of any negativity. We hope this article helped and if you’re in love with a Sagittarius man let us know in the comments below.


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